Unphotogenic Patraix Apartment

Price : 140,000€   : 4   : 2   : 123 Sq.M

Reference : 1726

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Picture of Unphotogenic Patraix Apartment
When we list these places, you have to choose a cover photo. What image would best represent the apartment, what sums it up? It's often a view from the balcony, if its a villa there has to be a pool front and centre.

But here, I'm struggling. This apartment is near Patraix metro station, only 4 stops from the center. Its like they gave a 6 year old the camera for the day. A lot of random shots of doorways, hallways and a couple of walls. Let's see 43 photos. Hey google, give me a random number between 1 and 43.....37. That's an awful photo, the empty underground car park, but while I'm talking about it, I'll tell you that for a small bit extra, a car parking space in the building is also available to buy.

Roll again 36 - the outside of the building, this place is on the 3rd floor, they didn't even lift the camera enough for that. 3rd floor with lift though.

Again - 15. A bed. That's it, a bed. Actually they've taken 2 photos of this bed, it must have special memories. (mental note - tell buyer to change the mattress immediately). One of 4 bedrooms here.

One more 10 - a wall. And a bit of a window. Nope, got nothing. This apartment has walls.

33 - same car park, but now there is a car here. This could be your car! Especially if you drive a little white peugeot.

32 - the lower floors of the building again. So good they photographed it twice.

28 - a corridor painted quite a violent shade of lime - but lots of doors, this is a big apartment (123m2)

20 - the water heater in the kitchen...... yeah I give up.

One more roll, this one is definitely the cover photo, no backsies ....... 28 again! Ok, could have been worse. 13 is a closeup of the shower cabin door.

If you have enjoyed this description of the apartment, please give us a call to find out more. If you haven't but still appreciate the size, location and value for money this place offers, you can also telephone us and we will treat you no differently.

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