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Our Ten Favourite Valencia Property Descriptions

Here at Valencia Property we often get thanked for making our descriptions of houses entertaining. whether that be funny, interesting or just plain weird. We are also asked often why we do this. The simple answer to that is to stand out a bit from the normal “Here is a two bedroomed, one bathroom apartment on the third floor” vanilla boredom. When you write a lot of descriptions this can quickly become extremely boring.

Valencia Property

The Cost of Living in Valencia in 2021

One of the questions we are often asked is how much does it cost to live in Valencia? The answer to the cost of living in Valencia question is always the same, it depends. It depends on you what you do and how you live but generally the answer is always similar “Cheaper than where you are now!”.

However in this article we are going to look at some typical examples of what it might cost in terms of property costs, food, transport, entertainment and more so you get an idea of the day to day costs of living here compared with other places that you may be living in right now

Valencia Property

Co-Housing and Communal Living in Spain

The concept of co-housing or communal living seems to be growing in popularity in Spain but it is a relatively new concept. As we mentioned in our article about “The Community” people in Spain have been living cheek by jowl and cooperating within their buildings for many years but the co-housing movement now takes the traditional community model and extends the concept somewhat.

Now though co-housing and communal living is becoming more and more popular in Spain due to various factors. However what we are beginning to see now are projects that are being developed specifically for communal living. Today we are going to look at what these concepts are and what they tend to offer.

Valencia Property

The Race For Space in Valencia

No, this is not a blog about Bezos, Musk and Branson and their rather pathetic attempts to go into sub-orbit and call it space travel when their money could do so much more good by solving world hunger or trying to avoid climate change, this is about the flight towards more space in properties in Valencia which reflects the news coming out of other countries.

For those with the luxury of doing so, the pandemic has made us all think about the way we live. Less travel, zero commuting, larger spaces, an office room, fast internet, zoom calls, teleworking and a host of other previously marginal ideas have become mainstream. Of course this has been reflected in the property market in Valencia and Spain as a whole.

Valencia Property

Buying the Finished Product or the Project?

People looking to buy Valencia Property have a few choices, buy land and build, buy something that needs some work or buy the perfect package that is ready to move in. Projects range from a new kitchen and bathroom up to a total rehabilitation, there’s also plenty of scope for things that are a sort of halfway house between those two extremes.

We have looked into the buyers of Valencia Property over the last few years and can now reveal what people like you are buying and doing.

Valencia Property

Who Is Selling Property In Valencia?

I was asked this question by a future client (We hope) over on Twitter. They wanted to know more about the current market conditions in Valencia after I said that supply was tight, really tight. The questions why, and who is selling came to mind so I thought it was time to have a little answer of those questions for everyone and also look behind the answers at the market and reasons why. As I said supply is tight but it’s still possible to find people selling property although summer tightens supply considerably.

Meanwhile we will also feature a few of our latest listings and our latest Golden Visa property of the week.

Valencia Property

Closed But Not Closed

Valencia Property will be closed for the whole of August this year. 1st August -31st August 2021

Now, before you go away, this is not exactly true. If you are already booked in and we have confirmed your dates then we will be taking you out as we have said. If not then we just have no more availability for more clients in August. We are full. Fully booked. Stacked to the rafters. And we have to take some holidays. Even if they might be staycations. And we will still be working, read on.

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Valencia Property First Half of 2021 in Review

Today we are going to talk about what has been happening, what has changed and the surprises that have happened in the first half of 2021 in Valencia Property. Evidently there have been more sales in the first half of the year than there were last year, after all we spent three months of the first half of 2020 in lockdown.

Before you read on though just one question to think about, what are you expecting me to say? People have preconceptions about the property markets they are interested in and sometimes those impressions are totally wrong (Sometimes they are spot on). What do you think is happening on the ground in Valencia

Valencia Property

The Best Places to Invest In Valencia

Having been asked the question about the best places to invest in Valencia innumerable times in the recent past it’s time to put on record my answer. Just before we start though, a few caveats. As with everything involved in real estate the true answer, the short answer which is always correct is “It depends!”. It depends on your definition of the word “investment”, it depends what you want to achieve from the “investment”, it depends on your own use case scenario, it depends on whether it’s a short, medium or long term strategy and it depends on a host of other factors which we will go into later.

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The First Step to Buying Property in Valencia

If you have been in touch with us before you will know that we always ask for one thing above all others, if you haven’t then below is what you need to do. Whether we start our contacts with an email, a Whatsapp message, a video call or even an old fashioned phone call we always ask clients

“Tell us your wish list”.

A wish list is simple and it’s comprised of just three questions. However, these questions do require more than just a one word answer. You will need to think a bit.

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Things That We Love Working in Valencia Property

In our last post we told you about all of the things that drive us to distraction working in Valencia Property circles. Today it’s time to tell you about the things we adore, love and generally get a warm feeling inside from while doing the same work. I said about the last post when commenting about it on social media “Avoid these and we will get along just fine”, this time it’s more along the lines of “this is how we want you to make us feel after we have worked or while we are working with you”.

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Things That Drive Us Up The Wall Working in Valencia Property

Now firstly, before reading this, don’t get me wrong. We love what we do at Valencia Property. There is nothing more satisfying than finding the right property for our clients at a great price and helping them to complete and settle into Valencia. However, there are little things that frustrate us, maybe even irritate us and sometimes, yes… there are things that absolutely drive us up the wall. Today, we thought we would have a rant… just so you can have a laugh at our pain, our misfortune, our suffering. And yes, we know we are fortunate to be able to do what we do in such a beautiful place as Valencia and we are not really complaining…

Well, maybe just a bit!

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What People Tell Us They Want From Valencia Property

In this post we are going to talk about what people ask us to do or to keep doing on our Valencia Property website and blog. The things that people always get in touch with us about and the questions people always ask that we try to satisfy. Why are we doing this? Well of course so you can tell us what you want more of from us, how we can better help you and where we can improve.

Some of the things that we do are more or less unique to our agency, we genuinely believe that nobody writes descriptions like we do so consistently and in this post we are going to be showing you some of the latest examples

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Hush Hush Properties. Owners Wanting to Sell Property Off Market in Valencia.

We publish a lot of properties on our website of all styles, sizes, shapes and prices. We get offered a lot more which we don’t publish for a variety of reasons but mostly to do with price or location either being wrong or there not being demand for that type of property. However, we also have a lot of properties that are off market but, well, they are still on sale, sort of… a bit. This is why it is always better to message us with your requirements because you may like the properties we have on the site, after all they are the selection of the best current properties for sale, but we may also have something that suits you down to the ground but it may not be published by us and in this post we will tell you why.

Valencia Property

The Development of the Property Market in Valencia

As a company we have been around for over 20 years now. We have seen trends come and go, a financial crisis or two, people move to Valencia and move out, Valencia become the favourite destination for the international crowd and even a little known pandemic called Covid19.

Valencia Property started in the very early 2000s and when we set up the company with a snazzy looking website, everybody who came to look at property in Valencia wanted a villa with its own pool, garden, garage etc… We couldn’t have given away apartments in Valencia to tell the truth because that wasn’t what people wanted at the time.

Mortgages in Valencia, Valencia Property

The Full Process of Getting a Mortgage in Spain

We have been asked many times about the process of getting a mortgage in Spain. Whether that is in regard to Valencia or any other parts of Spain it’s essentially a standard process. However, it may not be like the process of applying for and getting a mortgage in other countries so today we are looking at the process of getting a Spanish mortgage from start to finish.

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The Independence of Valencia

One of the things that surprises people on coming to Valencia is the variety of shops, cafes, restaurants and the rest. Only yesterday a client commented that it was so refreshing to not come upon a Starbucks on every corner. I had to admit there are four or five but told her that one had closed down because nobody ever went there. Years ago I remember a friend’s daughter being so excited that a Starbucks was going to open in Valencia because… well she couldn’t explain why exactly… it was just it was something different. She wasn’t even a coffee drinker.

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Who Is Buying Valencia Property in 2021?

If you believe everything you read on Facebook and other social media I’d say you had recently had a lobotomy or at least you would be on your way to one, but there does seem to be an expectation on social media totally divorced from reality. Newbies to the Valencia Property world seem to think that they will get 20, 30 and even 40% off the asking prices of Valencia Property just because they make an offer. Allow me to disabuse them of that notion with a simple question, “Is that happening where you are from?” Because if it isn’t why on Earth would it be happening here?