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9th September 2010

100 Tips For Moving to Spain: Number 52 Don't Use Your Bank

OK, you have to use a bank for receiving money but not to send it. You should use a currency transfer company and as I say in this video it will save you thousands of Euros or Pounds on your property purchase. Even on smaller amounts it can mean a saving as described in the video of €5000 so make sure you do not forget this bit. If you need any advice about which currencies company to use then don't heistate to get in touch on

20th August 2011

Spanish Government Cuts VAT on New Build Property

Finally after years of inaction the Spanish Government has acted to try and cut the backlog of new build homes by slashing the VAT rate on new build property from 8% to 4%. It is described as a temporary measure until the end of the year. This is good news for the new build properties that we hold in various parts of Spain that have already been slashed in price. Ally this to the weakening Euro, the pound was at 1.15 Euros yesterday and Spanish new build property has just become much more affordable. Look out next week for a post about our properties at half price in Desert Springs, Almeria, Benidorm and Murcia.

The Most Popular Content on the Valencia Property Website
10th October 2022

The Most Popular Content on the Valencia Property Website

Sometimes we realise that there are certain things that people want to read or hear more about even though there may be other things which are actually more useful. For example it's always useful to know more in depth details about current mortgage rates and offers but those posts will never get as many views as those which recommend restaurants for example. Our blog is here to cover all of the angles in order to give the most comprehensive information about everything. Nevertheless, it's quite useful for us to know what is popular in order to keep people coming back to the site again and again.

24th April 2014

Potential Bad News on Valencia Property Tax - Forewarned is Forearmed

In October last year the Valencian government in its infinite wisdom (ie none) decided to raise purchase taxes on second hand property from 8% to 10%, immediately putting themselves at a disadvantage with other communities in Spain (Madrid dropped theirs to 6% in January for example). It was a stupid move that I described in depth on this blog post

The Top Reasons American Buyers are Flocking to Valencia for Real Estate
31st July 2023

The Top Reasons American Buyers are Flocking to Valencia for Real Estate

The numbers of American clients that pass through our virtual doors at Valencia Property continues to grow. Year on year and quarter by quarter we continue to see greater numbers of Americans looking to buy real estate in Valencia either to settle here or to have a holiday home leading up to retirement when they intend to settle permanently. We are often asked why this is and we constantly see posts online asking those who have already made the move whether it was worth it. The answers are almost 100% positive by those who have moved. So today on the blog we thought we would look at why Americans specifically are attracted to Valencia and, by extension, Spain.

Why Valencia Benefits From The Homeworking Revolution
7th March 2022

Why Valencia Benefits From The Homeworking Revolution

Valencia is a place that benefits from what the World has become over the last couple of years in general. It benefits because the basics for a good life are here with a more than reasonable climate (one of the best in the World according to many official sources), an excellent work life balance, an affordable place for people to move to from many more expensive areas of Europe and the World, a progressive outlook and from it being a comparatively safe place to settle in terms of personal safety and also safety from natural disasters, potential conflicts and more. Moreover it definitely benefits from homeworking and in this article we are going to explain why.

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