Inland Valencia

You don't have to go far from the city to find Inland Valencia with its orange and almond groves and olive trees dotted around. Houses for sale in inland Valencia tend to be on rustic land away from the towns themselves and offer a laid back style of life away from the hustle and bustle of Valencia city whilst still being close enough to enjoy city life too.

Inland Valencia property is varied and eclectic, it doesn't suffer from the uniformity of construction you often find in other regions. Check out our inland Valencia properties below.
Properties Available : 67

Value for Money Villa

160,000 EUR

275 SqM

Villas come in all shapes and sizes, and just like any other kind of property, there are some places that look really good value, and others where you have to wonder if they just picked the price from a random number generator. Fortunately, this is one of the former. A good quality villa near the town of Real de Montroi. Its a little bit more of a drive to get to Valencia city, the airport or the beach (all about 40 mins)...

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Hotel, Hostel or Haven

180,000 EUR

190 SqM

A great big property nestled in the hills of the Sierra Calderona between Naquera and Serra that screams out RURAL TOURISM, quite ironically given the tranquility and peace all around. Its 30 minutes from Valencia near the Sierra Calderona National Park. Perfect country for hiking, cycling and some of the best views in the whole province. Would you stay in a hotel that had this to offer? I know I would...

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Great Self-sufficient House with Guesthouse

145,000 EUR

200 SqM

If you are the kind of person who for whom the mention of the words 'septic tank' make you feel like losing your lunch, then this house is not for you. Its an almost totally self-sufficient, really well built property on rustic land just outside La Pobla de Vallbona, and so less than 30 minutes from Valencia city, the airport and the beach. Its a timber frame house set on a concrete base. Electricity is by solar panels...

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Views and Breezes in Calicanto

275,000 EUR

276 SqM

Waking up every morning to a gorgeous view from the end of your bed is something that not everyone can aspire to. Oftentimes we have a view of just a wall, a window leading to nowhere or worse an old 16 inch TV hung precariously on the wall from back in the days when our eyes could make out what was happening on such a small screen. In this house you get orange groves...

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Villa for some Quality Family Time

455,000 EUR

392 SqM

The kids finished school for the summer yesterday, and its at times like this you wish you had a bigger house. One with 5 bedrooms maybe, and a pool, and an underground garage for when you really need JUST 2 BLOODY SECONDS TO MYSELF SO I CAN THINK PLEASE IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK Sorry, but for example here is an interesting villa in L'Eliana, built on a corner plot, so only a neighbour on one side...

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Avocados, Oranges and The Self Sufficiency Dream

175,000 EUR

140 SqM

The rising price of Avocados and the dream of self sufficiency that made Richard Briers into an eco tyrant and Felicity Kendall into the muse of many wannabe urban allotment owners might inspire you to take a punt on this neat little house just outside the town of Torres Torres to the North West of Sagunto. If that doesn't then the price might do. You have around 2000m2 of plot mostly filled with an array of fruit trees...

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A Garden of Delights and a 1001 Nights

265,000 EUR

450 SqM

One of the main teachings of the Arabian Nights is that Scheherazade always leaves the Sultan wanting more. And why not? If she doesn't she stands a good chance of being beheaded the next morning. If there was ever an incentive to make up a story with no end then the Saturday morning cinemas of our youth had nothing on Scheherazade...

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Idyllic Mountain Retreat

245,000 EUR

326 SqM

A beautiful country house in the foothills of the Sierra Engarceran, a little to the north of Castellon. This is a bit outside our usual range, but we think this is worth it. This property includes 10.000m2 of land, mainly low maintenance olive groves at the moment, but it could de devloped into something more productive if you were interested in being more self-sufficient. It is located 40km from Castellon city...

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Townhouse Outside Requena With 161 Neighbours

150,000 EUR

200 SqM

If you fancy living away from it all with 161 friends nearby just an hour out from the city of Valencia in the middle of wine country then this townhouse in the small village of Duques may well suit you down to the ground. 161 friends? Yes! The population of the town is 164 and Carlos and his family are selling to start building his dream home and he would like to introduce you the the other 161 inhabitants of the town...

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