Inland Valencia

You don't have to go far from the city to find Inland Valencia with its orange and almond groves and olive trees dotted around. Houses for sale in inland Valencia tend to be on rustic land away from the towns themselves and offer a laid back style of life away from the hustle and bustle of Valencia city whilst still being close enough to enjoy city life too.

Inland Valencia property is varied and eclectic, it doesn't suffer from the uniformity of construction you often find in other regions. Check out our inland Valencia properties below.
Properties Available : 105

Low Profile High Character Villa

499,999 EUR

360 SqM

Spectacular villa, built on what is a mini country estate, over 10.000m2 in total. Great pool and gardens, and a house with a very unique character. Much of the land is very easy to manage, its undeveloped scrubland. All you have to do is make sure you don't start and wildfires and it'll be fine. 3.000m2 is made up of landscaped gardens however. Lots of lawn, a pond and olive trees. And I mentioned the pool, but again...

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Bungalow Villa for Green Fingers

165,000 EUR

130 SqM

The villa is about 12km from Lliria town, but is closer to Olocau (6km). At the edge of the mountains, surrounded by countryside but this property does have neighbours in the immediate area so it is not isolated. The gardens here are fantastic, just 1100m2 but really packed with fruit trees and vegetable patches. In fact, this place really would suit someone who loves gardening...

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Easy Living Villa with great views from the Pool

155,000 EUR

151 SqM

This villa is just 3.5 kms from Naquera town, not quite walkable, but a short taxi ride after an evening in one of the many restaurants and bars or even the craft brewery in the town. This villa has all you could be looking for. A decent pool, nicely finished, on a higher level to the house, giving great views from the pool as well as from the house, if you're one of those people who can laze away hours poolside...

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A world of options in the Sierra Calderona

315,000 EUR

290 SqM

Ok, here’s another one that requires some explaining so bear with me. Conveniently located on the Mont Ros Urbanisation in Naquera for trips down to Valencia, the coast and beyond , we have this 2 storey Villa that looks a bit tired and old fashioned but is well built with a decent distribution and a very acceptable 300m, on the upper main floor you find the living room with fireplace, kitchen, 4 bedrooms, bathroom and terrace...

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Pretty Decent Pedralba Villa

150,000 EUR

110 SqM

We see so many of these villas, like this one here just a couple of kilometres from Pedralba. And if you've been looking for awhile you will have too. And to a certain extent they start to look similar, so what to look for, what sets a good one apart from a bad one? Well, remember this - Pool, Kitchen, Toilets and Utilities, or PoKiToUt, as we know it as in the trade...

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Luxury Relaxation Villa

1,475,000 EUR

690 SqM

Now it might come as a surprise to a lot of you but these listings are not done by a fancy AI, algorithmically generated to maximise clicks, based on the latest Search Engine Optimisation theories. No, there's a real live human at the other end here, and sometimes I need a break too. So here's my guided relaxation for you loyal reader 1. say 'Hey Google/Alexa/Siri - play Lo-fi music' 2. Take off shoes, socks, tight trousers...

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Better-than-most Villa, just outside Lliria town

175,000 EUR

117 SqM

Look, I know some of you spend hours and hours looking for that perfect property. And after a while they all start to look the same. The same living rooms, the same pools, all the bedrooms just blend into one. And to be honest, a quick look at this place and you could be thinking you've seen it all before. But we do like this place, its barely outside Lliria town, all on one level nice manageable gardens, decent pool...

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Modern Villa next door to International Schools

675,000 EUR

300 SqM

The villa is in the urbanisation of Alfinach, just outside Pucol. 15 minutes from the beach and only a little more to Valencia city. And this place in particular, we have to highlight how close it is the the American School of Valencia. Literally around the corner, a couple of hundred yards - less once the kids find out about the short-cut across the fields. And Caxton college, which is a British school...

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Villamarchante Villa on Large Open Plot

185,000 EUR

220 SqM

Valencia Property presents a really lovely family home away from the hustle and bustle but close enough to all facilities to really get you excited about living near Villamarchante. The property is set in a sea of crazy tiling giving it a character all of its own. You get a large plot with orchard, pool, barbecue area and even a firepit, storage sheds and pump room along with plenty of parking and underbuild garage...

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