Inland Valencia

You don't have to go far from the city to find Inland Valencia with its orange and almond groves and olive trees dotted around. Houses for sale in inland Valencia tend to be on rustic land away from the towns themselves and offer a laid back style of life away from the hustle and bustle of Valencia city whilst still being close enough to enjoy city life too.

Inland Valencia property is varied and eclectic, it doesn't suffer from the uniformity of construction you often find in other regions. Check out our inland Valencia properties below.
Properties Available : 28

Large Calicanto Villa With Great Views

320,000 EUR

300 SqM

You get a lot more for your money outside the more traditional areas of La Eliana, Betera and Rocafort as examples. Go just a few minutes further, in this case just past the golf course at El Bosque and up the hill so you get some great views, and you can find special properties like this one. Large, imposing and at the same time inviting...

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Simple Living in La Pobla

244,000 EUR

110 SqM

Life comes at you fast and what you don't need is too much work when you get home. Lawns that need mowing, hedges trimming, flowers tending to, and a pool that needs looking after. Well here we have a mini version of all that. Some pots, your pool for cooling down and a little bit of paved garden meaning you have outside space to relax in. However don't expect wide open spaces and views...

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No It Has Not Yes You Can

295,000 EUR

200 SqM

So the answer to the first question that comes into your head when looking at the photos is of course, no, it hasn't got a pool. And the second answer is yes, you can probably put one in. But then again why would you? You have access nearby to the pool at the local social club and pools are a timesuck to look after once you have been there for a few years and get bored of them...

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Large Villa Outside Naquera

280,000 EUR

158 SqM

Now why do you think you are looking at this property advert? Could it be an unbelievable amount of coincidences leading to this inevitable conclusion thirty plus years down the line? It might just be. Norman Tebbitt said get on your bike as one of the leading ministers in Margaret Thatcher's government of ghouls in the 1980s and many of us took his advice...

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Infinity Pool Views and Seclusion

388,000 EUR

220 SqM

If you want views you have to get up higher than everything around you. That's difficult in Valencia as it's as flat as a pancake... until you get into the nearby mountains of the Sierra Calderona national park that is. These wooded mountains are a green lung to the north west of Valencia full of trekking routes, mountain biking opportunities and well... trees and lots of them...

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Upstairs is Overrated

380,000 EUR

200 SqM

Unusually for a region where villas are built to maximise the number of bedrooms for the extended family paella weekend blowouts, this house is actually all on one floor but because there is a large plot it allows an immense amount of space in the house too. And there's a reason for all of this, the house was adapted for disability living being all on one floor with wide doors and spaces. No scrimping on small rooms...

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Everything In Its Right Place

385,000 EUR

212 SqM

It's highly unusual to find a villa in L'Eliana/Ribarroja that's ready to move into at under 400k. When that villa also has a decent sized yet manageable plot, is pretty modern and allows you to exercise by choosing whether to walk to either of the mentioned towns just 1 mile from both for your morning coffee...

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Beautiful Modern Villa in the Country

395,000 EUR

302 SqM

This villa is ideal for those looking for a country life but with none of the typical disadvantages of choosing to buy in the country. For example, is this your typical old house in need of renovation (and probably built illegally) – absolutely not, built in 2009, with all licenses and land registry red tape done correctly, and immaculately looked after in the meantime. I bet there's no public transport – Wrong again...

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Morning Sunshine

450,000 EUR

140 SqM

Whenever I hear the word "sunshine" I can only think of saying it in a Michael Caine/Bob Hoskins voice as an east London gangster threatening to dump someone in the Thames with concrete boots. However, the sunshine we are talking about here was the early morning type streaming into the kitchen and living room when we took the photos. So no death threats...

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