Valencia City

Valencia is the hidden jewel of the Mediterranean. A compact city of almost 1 million people Valencia has a stunning architectural mix of the old and modern. Valencia is a much cheaper and less tourist ridden version of Barcelona with the added advantage of better weather and it is also the greenest city in southern Europe thanks to an accident of history, the floods of the 1950's.

Valencia property for sale is a melting pot of styles. The old fishermen's cottages in the Cabanyal, the ultra modern flats overlooking the city of arts and sciences and the beautiful facades of the Carmen old town, Ensanche and Ruzafa give an intoxicating mix of options when looking for apartments for sale in Valencia. Apartments for sale in Valencia City are varied and affordable and give you a great choice of places to live.

Valencians love fireworks and Valencia is the loudest city in Europe apparently and glorifies in that status. Bear it in mind when buying a flat or apartment in Valencia. You will love your property for sale in Valencia city but not if you are living above the local party central

Valencia's Science Museum
Valencia's City of Arts and Sciences' Science Muse
Around Valencia's Opera House
Valencia's City of Arts and Sciences' Opera House
Properties Available : 60

The Right Medicine

229,000 EUR

I know, i know, you don’t need to tell me, these pictures are so dull I had to have 3 coffees just to write the description, not our photos actually, but soz anyway. Fortunately what we have here is actually a pretty good apartment in a decent area, nicely sized, well communicated with two terrace areas, one for the bikes and the prams and the surfboard and the other for a hammock, table...

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Close to Everywhere Modern Apartment

196,000 EUR

Nou Moles is a neighbourhood named in reference to the mill that used to operate in that area. Built in the 8th century, it was at the time the biggest mill in Valencia. So big in fact that it had nine millstones (Nou Moles). The mill stayed in use until the start of the 20th century when a fire destroyed it but up until then, people used to come from far and wide with their grain to make use of it...

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An Age Old Question

420,000 EUR

Stop the press, if you hadn’t already heard (and where have you been?) Valencia is a great place to live, and if you’re looking to stay for more than just a couple of weeks at a time you have probably realised that a 90m2 apartment no matter how pretty is just not going to be enough for longer term living...

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Ruzafa Line 10

290,000 EUR

Ruzafa Line 10 It’s taken a while but we finally have a new metro in Valencia, Line 10, opening today in fact, this will run from the Estacion del Nord, through Ruzafa, Montolivet, En Corts, Science Museum, Oceanografic and down to Nazaret, a much needed new link in the city that has been a driving force behind a lot of sales, the market recently has been, well, like a runaway train...

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Excellent Key Ready Apartment In the Carmen

210,000 EUR

Valencia Property presents this central Valencia apartment just a few metres from the Torres Serranos and the riverbed park...

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A Stones Throw

155,000 EUR

The Collins Dictionary defines the expression as; A much-maligned and hackneyed phrase used by lazy agents to describe approximation to a fashionable neighbourhood Not really, but it does sum up this location rather well if you can throw a stone 88 Metres and yes I am a Google Maps Nerd, occupational hazard and all that...

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Today's History Lesson

240,000 EUR

Good old internet, where would we be without it? I do wonder about neighbourhoods and street names so its good that sometimes we can actually look informed and knowledgable about our great city, so here’s just a little copy and paste and let’s have a big hand for Mr Wiki. It is known that in 1424 there was a fountain to the south of Ruzafa that belonged to the knight Francisco Corts, civil governor of the Kingdom of Valencia...

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Sunny Salamanca Street

375,000 EUR

Its nice to have a new addition to the website and also a new addition to the team at Valencia Property, especially when they know how to use a camera and we can raise our game, it's been Descriptions 1 Photos 0 for a while now but just watch this space when the FNG hits his stride with all the fancy lenses and 360º shizzle. Anyway, we’ve had some odd weather up until now and it feels like it’s been raining for weeks...

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Property in Valencia City

Don´t sleep on this one

144,900 EUR

As more and more apartments are selling for crazy prices, this one looks like terrific value. We´ve had our eye on this for a while, and now that we are seeing stuff go quickly, we don´t expect this one to be on the market for much longer. Central location, minutes from the central park, loads of light and a decent sized balcony. What´s not to like? It is situated on a busy avenue...

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