Valencia City

Valencia is the hidden jewel of the Mediterranean. A compact city of almost 1 million people Valencia has a stunning architectural mix of the old and modern. Valencia is a much cheaper and less tourist ridden version of Barcelona with the added advantage of better weather and it is also the greenest city in southern Europe thanks to an accident of history, the floods of the 1950's.

Valencia property for sale is a melting pot of styles. The old fishermen's cottages in the Cabanyal, the ultra modern flats overlooking the city of arts and sciences and the beautiful facades of the Carmen old town, Ensanche and Ruzafa give an intoxicating mix of options when looking for apartments for sale in Valencia. Apartments for sale in Valencia City are varied and affordable and give you a great choice of places to live.

Valencians love fireworks and Valencia is the loudest city in Europe apparently and glorifies in that status. Bear it in mind when buying a flat or apartment in Valencia. You will love your property for sale in Valencia city but not if you are living above the local party central

Properties Available : 47

Stylish Modernisation Near the Beach

155,000 EUR

Valencia Property presents a nicely put together property in the Cabanyal. Sometimes an owner makes a mistake when modernising and sometimes that's a disaster. Not this time! In this case the owner made a mistake but fortunately it's easily solved. The owner bought this for their own personal use and they are a single person, therefore they didn't need a second bedroom...

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Out With The Old

335,000 EUR

If something is new, it must be an improvement on the old, right? If I offered you a plane ticket right now to New York and another to Old York which would you choose? FDR introduced the New Deal which was miles better than the old deal by all accounts. And let’s be honest, the New Testament is way better than the Old one. Not so much of whats-his-name begetting so-and-so...

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The Devils in the Detail

240,000 EUR

Here's a bit of eye candy and at an attainable price for people who aspire to live or invest in Valencia and have Ruzafa firmly set in their sights, there is one minor issue you need to know though and as much as I try not to be Graham Grumble (or is it Davey Downers?…:) you need to know about it. This good sized apartment set in the heart of Ruzafa with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, storage room...

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The Slow Burner

310,000 EUR

It's strange how some things take time to filter through the noise and froth, gain traction and be generally accepted as good/popular/fashionable/edgy/the next big thing or simply “the norm”. Albums, Bands, Films, TV Series, Tie Dye Crocs, printed socks and who knows what’s next, sooner or later every dog has its day. The same can sometimes be said for properties...

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A Very Nice Place

549,000 EUR

So this looks nice and it is very nice, in a nice quiet street with a nice facade, with all the nice bars and restaurants closeby and even the neighbours are nice, including some friends of ours who have a nice office downstairs, they’re really nice, you might meet them. This apartment has been lovingly restored and renovated and excellently furnished, it also looks wonderfully relaxing due to the abundance of chairs, sofas...

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Standing Up for Democracy

140,000 EUR

This apartment is on Calle Democracia. Yaaay for democracy. That's one in the eye for Putin. First his troops are having their asses handed to them by the Ukranians, and now he's going to see this listing. From bad to worse. Anyway, this street is less than 100 metres from the riverbed, although closer to Cabecera Park end than the city centre...

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Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

295,000 EUR

Theres a strong chance that you’ve read a lot about Valencia, or been here already and identified it as a place to invest or live and enjoy all that the city has to offer, you may come prepared knowing exactly what you want and where you want to be, ready to hit the ground running and change your life for the better, we agree, homework reaps it rewards and the better equipped you will be to slide right in and find your ideal place...

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Eyes on the Prize

235,500 EUR

Don’t throw that towel in yet, heres another apartment that really adds up if you’re looking for a central location and close to the Turia Gardens but don’t want to pay over the odds for the seasoned heavyweight that is Ruzafa, other neighbourhoods are available…. and Montolivet is reaping the rewards with its new Metro Line...

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Make-you-Smile Carmen Apartment

225,000 EUR

Affordable apartments that aren't wrecks don't come up very often in El Carmen, the old historic quarter of Valencia and when they do, we like to draw your attention them, because we do what we do to make people happy. This apartment is a couple of minutes from the Torres de Serrano, and therefore a couple and a half minutes from the riverbed, and a minute or 2 in the other direction will take you on to Calle Cabelleros...

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