Our New Valencia Property Website and Services

It's getting close now. Work is being done in the background and the new Valencia Property website is taking shape so you get an even better idea of what is for sale, of what we can do for you and of what the process involves when you are looking for Valencia Property

The New Valencia Property Website

Within the new site we have incorporated this blog on the home page, the look is similar, the search parameters are more visible and it is much easier to navigate. You should also be able to keep your favourites noted and moving from page to page should be easier too. We so look forward to presenting the new site and it should be ready sometime this month...

We cannot wait and hope you will like it as much as we are doing as it is being developed.

Meanwhile we are also putting together packages with our new services for the new year. The first three new services we are offering are the "Valencia Orientation Visit" the "Valencia Relocation Package" and the "Valencia Rental Package". Read on for more information.

The Valencia Orientation Visit

The Valencia Orientation Visit

Firstly, after putting it off for years, we are now putting together a paid Valencia Orientation Visit for people who are looking to see what Valencia can offer them from experts in the city and the areas around. The service will include a morning of visits around the city, lunch with an expert on the city where you can ask them anything about living in and moving to Valencia and, if required, visits to the areas surrounding the city for people looking to live near to Valencia rather than in the city itself. This service will be priced on demand according to dates and availability but prices start at 295 Euros. This price includes:

  • Three hour visit around Valencia city exploring areas
  • A paid lunch talking about your requirements
  • Introductions to legal experts, mortgage services, money transfer companies, rental agents and more as required.
  • Free transport.
  • Stops for coffee and explanations
  • Ongoing consultation via Skype

Also the fee will be deducted from any eventual commission payment for purchase of property using Valencia Property.

The Valencia Relocation Package

The Valencia Relocation Package

The Valencia Relocation Package is a new service we have incorporated into our portfolio of services. If you are looking to move to Valencia, the Relocation package includes everything you could need for yourself and your family.

We have decided to put this into a separate package because for many years we have been offering these services on an ad hoc basis and we want to be able to offer a better fully serviced package to meet the needs of our clients who initially look to rent a property in Valencia. Nevertheless, we will also be offering it as an optional extra to our purchasing clients. Included among the services in the package are the following:

  • Initial Skype consultation on your family's requirements.
  • Organisation of all aspects of your arrival in Valencia.
  • Help with apartment or house search and introduction to reputable and reliable rental agencies.
  • Translation services on house and apartment visits.
  • Video recording service of potentially interesting properties.
  • Contract negotiation and support on your rental agreement.
  • Arranging school visits as required for your children (Along with recommendations for schools and checking of availability of places)
  • Introduction to English speaking lawyers for legal services including residency and NIE applications.
  • Accompanying you on visits to official bodies and help with filling in paperwork (Optional Extra)
  • Introduction to tax advisors for both residents and non residents.
  • Introduction to health providers and registration with them for the family.
  • and a whole host of other services depending on your requirements.

The price for our Relocation Packages starts at 1200 Euros for individuals or couples. For people or families with children the price starts at 1600 Euros. In both cases you can also book our Premium Quality ongoing service for 995 Euros extra which includes a full six months of ongoing support after you have been settled into your property and support with issues that may come up after your relocation.

For this you will be assigned a dedicated relocation advisor who will hold your hand through the process from initial consultation to the end of the process and be ready to help out with other support you may need after your move.

The Valencia Rental Package

The Valencia Rental Package

We often get asked do we do rentals because you cannot often see them on the Valencia Property site. We do, but in the past we have restricted them to properties owned by our own clients in general. We have now put together the "Valencia Rental Package".

What we have found, especially in the last few years where finding good quality rentals has become much more difficult due to the advent of Airbnb and other holiday rental services, is that people are being ripped off when looking for property online and on arrival in Valencia. Estate agents have very few rental properties available and online portals often have properties that are no longer available or are basically clickbait to get you to contact. Private owners ask for onerous terms including at times a year paid up front and they are especially reticent to rent to foreign clients as they cannot find a rental insurance that will cover them in case of problems.

As an agency with over 20 years experience we have decided to put our contacts and reputation to good use for you. You tell us what you are looking for, your price range, your special requests and your arrival dates and we will set up appointments with agencies and private owners who trust us to have reliable clients. We will pick you up and accompany you to those appointments with owners and agents who may have what you are looking for. We will only take you to places that will accept you as a client (Many owners require a work history, bank guarantees and ridiculous terms and conditions in order to rent to you) We guarantee we will only take you to places where you will be able to rent. This will be done until you find the ideal property. We will then help to set up and help you to understand the rental contract.

However, we will only take on clients with reasonable expectations. You will still largely need three months payments upfront to pay agency fees, deposit and the first month of your rental in advance and in cases of furnished apartments you may need a second month of deposit. This service can be pre-booked from 895 Euros PLUS VAT On properties over 1800 Euros per month we will be charging 50% of the monthly cost. On booking it you will be contacted by one of our advisors who will help you through the process from start to finish.

We also offer you an ongoing support service after your rental if required. This is especially important when dealing with a non English speaking owner. This can be bought for 995 Euros and includes ongoing support in your first year of rental.

If you are interested in any of these services just get in touch and we will sign you up. Book early to avoid disappointment as we have many clients already looking for property and to change their lives here in Valencia and our specialists have a limited number of spaces available.

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