More New Valencia Property Services

The lockdown and Covid19 are forcing us to innovate to keep up with demand from others locked down but wanting to still prepare their Valencia Property purchase or rental. In order to help accommodate these demands we have now started various new services which you can sign up for here. Also we continue to work on the website and will have even more features coming up including the ability to save searches.

More New Valencia Property Services

One of the demands we are getting from clients are virtual tours, walkthroughs and flythroughs. We are also going to offer these to property owners especially those wanting to rent out their properties. We did a virtual property tour for a client last week for their rental and the property was rented out remotely the next day for the summer period. You can see it below.

We also made a tour of another property nearby. In this we made the following flythrough of some of the house on Youtube as well as the tour. You can see the video below.

And you can see the full tour of this property here.

The Valencia Property Virtual Tour

We are making the offer to both sellers and buyers of property. As a seller if you want us to go and do a virtual tour of your property like those above and also supply you with video to use on Youtube and also to supply to other agencies get in touch.

As a buyer if you want us to visit a property for you to make a virtual tour so you get a much fuller idea of what a property is like then let us know too.

Prices depend on the size of the property, the post production time required, and the distances involved. Apartments are cheaper than houses and house prices will be around 200 Euros for a full tour and 300 with social media posts included. However, if you eventually sell or buy through our agency we will refund the cost of the virtual tours from the final commission.

The Facetime Visit

The idea of the Facetime call is to have a real time visit to the property you are interested in over Facetime or video call. We take you through the house or apartment along with the building if it is an apartment and the surroundings. By doing this we can delve into the nooks and crannies of the property, you can direct the camera to things that might interest you and you get a real time look at what the property looks like now rather than when the owner dressed it for the photos.

If you are interested in a Facetime call let us know for which property, when you are available and we will try to make a time that suits the owners to make the call. The Facetime call costs 100 Euros and lasts a maximum of half an hour so you can ask any questions and have time to see all the way through the houses. Just bear in mind that sometimes the owners will not allow this so we will be more likely to do it in houses where the owners are not currently living and also where there is a decent mobile signal!

The Property Checkout and Report

Some clients have seen a property online with another agent and have asked our opinion of it. We have been happy to help based on the photos, the description etc and we have contacted the other agents to ask questions about the property (Usually in Spanish of course which elicits more information than the usual basic English that Spanish agents may or may not have) We are now extending this service and from next Monday the 18th of May (Assuming we move into phase 1 of lockdown) we will be able to visit properties for you and give our full report on them (If not then from the 25th)

The reports will include location maps and photos of the area of the property, photos of anything we notice that you should be aware of in the property, an opinion section and an estimation of required work to be done if applicable.

Your property checkout and report will cost between 100-200 Euros. You can add a virtual tour or a Facetime call within the property checkout if required too.

The VP Consultation Call

You can read more about the Valencia Property Consultation Call and our whatsapp group for new bargains by clicking on the link. The calls have been so popular and useful for both ourselves and our clients that we are now extending the offer. You can get your free consultation call now at any time. We chat for half an hour or so about what you are looking for, what you can expect to find, the process of getting ready to purchase and really anything else you want to talk about.

The Valencia Property Consultation Call
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If you want a consultation call just drop us a line and we can work out a convenient time and day to chat. Let us know what you want to talk about, your available times and preferred method of communication in the body of the mail. We can do the calls via skype, whatsapp video call or Facetime as well as Zoom and Hangouts.

Our Valencia Property Packages

We started our rental, relocation and orientation packages at the start of the year and they were very popular until the current situation started. We have had to put off a few visits for people but we will be restarting them as soon as the situation allows.

Our New Valencia Property Website and Services
Our New Valencia Property Website and Services

We offer the Valencia Property Orientation Tour including lunch and the chance to quiz us on any aspect of your potential move to Valencia. A three hour tour including introductions to lawyers, currency company, mortgage broker etc... if required is from 295 Euros.

Our Rental Package will help you find the perfect property for you to move into on your arrival in Valencia and is available from 895 Euros. We will do the legwork for you in and around the city while you instruct us on interesting properties.

Our relocation packages are available from 1200 Euros and include full support in your move and beyond with a specialist relocation support manager for you. This is an excellent service especially for families with children.

Remember to read more about the packages and what is included here. And once you have read it contact us for more information and your initial consultation call.

And if this post was useful to you make sure to read our other posts about these services by clicking on the images below.

Our New Valencia Property Website and Services
Our New Valencia Property Website and Services
The Valencia Consultation Call
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