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Cash Buyers and Mortgages in Valencia

Sometimes we get an enquiry which states, “I’m a cash buyer so will I be able to get a discount?” (A fair question) Or at times “I’m a cash buyer so I’ll be expecting a deep discount on any property I buy!” (An entitled person who doesn’t understand how things work and wonders why they have so few friends) Can you guess which kind of client we prefer? The latter can go elsewhere because that’s not the reality of the market currently. The former we can work with and hopefully get them a discount on the property for quick completion but there is a universal truth here which both are missing.

For the seller everyone is a cash buyer.

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Why Square Metres Matter More Than Bedrooms

When people are looking for a property in Valencia or Spain they send us their requirements and this will always include the number of bedrooms “I want at least two bedrooms”, “I must have three bedrooms and two bathrooms” etc… Nobody ever seems to say “I need at least 100m2” for example without mentioning the number of bedrooms. In Spanish property though the number of metres squared (From hereon in referred to as m2) is usually more important. Today we are looking at why.

Also today we are going back to look at the posts you may have missed recently but that are essential reading, or even listening, before making your move to Valencia. And we are doing this because last week we were mostly off. Valencia had the Fallas fiestas and we took some time away as it’s impossible to work during Fallas.

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Your Visa Options For Coming to Spain

With the introduction of the new so called Spanish Digital Nomad Visa or Remote Worker visa as we prefer to call it we are getting lots of enquiries as to which visa option is best for people. Now obviously there is not a single “one size fits all” answer to this question. Everyone’s circumstances are different and therefore the required visa may be different for each person. Therefore today we are going to look into the different visas for coming to Spain and who they may suit.

Apart from that we have some news from Valencia Property about our opening hours for Fallas and we look at what’s happening with prices and availability of properties and why 200k is the new 150k, ie the minimum required for buying in Valencia right now if you have standard criteria.

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Valencia Properties With Gardens For The Spring

We are heading into Springtime in Valencia with the weather warming up nicely this week until next weekend when it actually looks more like summer. The Valencian fiestas are starting up leading to the 15th to the 19th of March when Fallas essentially closes the city down (And yes, we are closed on those dates) As Springtime is coming and the Almond trees are now in blossom, some fantastic walks to be had around the Valencia region to enjoy the colours in full swing by the way, we thought that today we would show you some properties that are available with great gardens to enjoy for the Springtime and going into Summer. Also at the end for those of you who haven’t listened to the latest podcast we have a link for that and also a little description of some of the worst properties we have seen in the last year. Let’s go.

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Why Has That Property Been On Sale For So Long

One of the questions that gets asked always is “How long has this property been on sale? I blame TV property shows because one person once asked the question and everyone else decided that they too had to ask this question (They also need to say “That’s a good space”, “This has got lots of potential” and in Spain at least “Can we knock that wall down?”.)

The answer is, “It doesn’t matter!” Much more relevant is whether you like it not whether others have liked it or not before. Some properties sell within a day, or even an hour of being put on sale and others take longer to sell. Equally, as we will find later on in this article, some properties will never sell and there is a reason for that, yes, you guessed it, the owner is a… (Click through to read more)

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Last Chance Saloon For The Spanish Golden Visa

It has been an interesting week here in Valencia. We have never before had so many initial client meetings both in person and via Skype, Zoom and Whatsapp video calls. Monday was mad with just too many coffees in the five client meetings that we had for onboarding people into our service. We also finished the week with four sales agreed (from other clients onboarded some time ago) and a couple of signings completed in notary.

Now on these pages before many years ago we called last chance saloon for pensioners before Brexit and got a flood of clients. I wonder if calling the last chance saloon for Golden Visa applications might lead to the same response from people planning to take advantage of the Spanish Golden Visa. And why do we say this? Well, simply put, that’s the way things are heading and the general direction of travel.

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The Valencia Property Deposit Contract Explained

We have been asked many times what are the parts of the Valencia Property deposit contract so today it’s time to go through the deposit contract in full and explain to you what you will be signing when we get to the point of having found you your perfect property and having an agreement with the owner for purchase.

We have taken a typical deposit contract, taken out the identifying features and placed boxes with numbers in to explain what goes in each box. We will also explain what each clause is and why they are there.

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The Mindset Change of Living Outside Valencia City

For some of the people that get in touch with us via mail, our social media channels or even phone Valencia City living is the be-all and end-all of their property search here. If they cannot get what they want in the city itself then they don’t want anything. That’s totally legit as a mindset but might be a bit limiting. After all you don’t know about something you don’t know about, what’s just around the corner may be as good or even better than what you are looking at and have set your heart on. Today therefore we are going to look at changing that mindset. What are the benefits of getting a place near to Valencia City as opposed to in the city itself, what are the downsides and where are the best places to look if you are interested in thinking outside the box. In order to do this we are going to take some examples and show what your money buys you in the city and look at comparable prices outside the city in what we can call the Valencia city suburbs.

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Spain’s New Digital Nomad Visa is Up and Running

Finally Spain’s Digital Nomad or Remote Worker Visa is up and running and all of the details are finally out. So settle back with a drink and take in what you will need to escape the UK/US or wherever you are coming from and if you don’t then start to get prepared NOW. The Remote Worker visa is called the “visado para teletrabajadores de carácter internacional ” and we think there is only one disappointing thing about it… but more about that later. So let’s go through the points of the Spanish Remote Worker Visa as they have been revealed this week.

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Golden Visa Villas in Valencia

As you are probably by now aware, Valencia has been named as the best place in the World to live by Internations… again… Anyway, there are a multitude of reasons for this and this increased visibility internationally along with the development of the city, increasing work opportunities such as Ford’s Factory in Almussafes being named as Ford’s European HQ for their development of electric cars and Volkswagen planning their Southern Euope Gigafactory just outside Sagunto the laid back and affordable lifestyle of the city and the exceptional climate along with cultural and sporting offerings make the whole package of Valencia really attractive.

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Where to Eat Out Around Valencia

We have recently given you a full guide to some of our favourite places to eat in and around Valencia city. However many people have asked us about the best places to eat in some of the towns around Valencia so today we thought we would suggest some places where you can find great places to eat without being in the city of Valencia itself. As we have also written about inalnd towns where you can find a great lifestyle, you can see that post here, we thought it might be an idea to give at least one place in each of those towns as examples. So without further ado, let’s go, where are the best places to eat outside Valencia.

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Why Would You Get a Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is something that we have been recommending at Valencia Property for a long time. And not just any type of Power of Attorney, no señor, a full, all singing, all dancing General Power of Attorney allowing the lawyer to do anything for you… absolutely anything, essentially allowing them to be you in Spain. We get a lot of clients who are reticent to do this of course as it’s not normal in other countries. Powers of attorney tend to be for specific things rather than for general matters. And people don’t trust lawyers… I wonder why. So when we recommend a full General Power of Attorney we are often confronted with reticence. Therefore, today we are looking at why you may want a Power of Attorney, how it may save your purchase and what else it can be useful for.

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Why Do Americans Move To Valencia?

Over the last few years the numbers of Americans deciding to leave the USA and move to a different country has grown massively. The Great Escape was stimulated by the Orange Sh*tgibbon but has shown no signs of letting up. We thought it was time to let you know why Americans choose to move to Valencia, specifically Valencia as opposed to Spain in general. We had our own ideas of course after chatting with so many USA based clients over the last few years but also we sent out the Batsignal to our clients and asked them what it was specifically that made them choose Valencia and we have looked in a few online forums about what others were saying. What are the reasons that made Valencia the choice for them?

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The Best Of Valencia Property 2022

Yes, we know it’s Xmas time and many of you are looking forward to eating and drinking far too much over the festive period so today we thought that rather than giving you more to think about we’d look at our greatest hits from 2022 on a month by month basis. A post you can dip into and out of as you wish to read the most important or sometimes the most popular posts we have produced on the blog this year and also a look back to some images we have taken this year. Without further ado therefore, let’s look at 2022 on Valencia Property month by month.

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Which Type of Client Are You?

Here at Valencia Property we love working with our clients. We generally get really nice people to work with who we click with and we work very well together. This is probably because there is a natural filter on the website in the descriptions of the properties and the tone of both the descriptions and the blogs, irreverant, tongue in cheek, cheeky and light.

It’s not for us to be the suited and booted agents you find elsewhere dry and without any defined personality. Some people may prefer that and as a result we might not see them as they won’t get in touch with an agent that describes a house to the tune of a Mariah Carey song, one that is described as An Ecumenical Matter or one that talks about my semi-obsession with Baileys.

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Overview of The Valencia Property Market in 2022

For those of you who listen to our podcast you got a preview of this post last week where we talked about what has been happening here in the last year and the perspectives for 2023. Give it a listen if you haven’t, you might like it (And remember to subscribe to get future episodes) For those who prefer reading it’s time to give a full review of the Valencia Property Market in 2022 and what it may look like next year. Within this post we will also be giving another shout out for our end of year competition, looking at some of the current properties for sale and asking if we go too far at times with our descriptions.

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The Valencia Property Craft Beer Bar Crawl

As it’s getting towards the festive season we thought it was time to give a gift to those of you who enjoy the odd tipple. And, for the first time in over five years, we get to hear a different voice on the blog (Yes everything over the last five years has been written by Graham, yours truly, here). However if you follow me on social media you’ll have seen I have a small problem with beer, wine, cider and others in that I’m ever so slightly allergic to certain elements contained within so drinking is a bit of a Russian Roulette for me, Will I enjoy it? Will I be able to breath in ten minutes? Where’s the damn inhaler? Will the sweet release of death take me from you?

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The Valencia Community Coastline Towns Worth Investigating (Part Two)

Last week we talked about the places we thought that were worth looking at (And also Oropesa) to the North of Valencia. Today we go down the coast from Valencia towards and into Alicante to show you places you should be investigating if you are interested in living near the best beaches in Valencia.

As we mentioned last week the majority of our clients want to live in or around Valencia but that doesn’t mean if you want to live elsewhere we cannot give you the best service possible. Our tentacles reach out both up and down the coast despite our focus being the city of Valencia itself and the areas around it.

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The Valencia Community Coastline Towns Worth Investigating (Part One)

Despite the majority of our clients looking to live in Valencia City or in Inland Valencia towns where you can get a great lifestyle (Yes, we have a post about that which many people think is one of the best guides to the towns around Valencia city) we also get requests for properties with “sea views” or their location being right near the sea. In Valencia City that means you are limited to a few roads in the Cabanyal, Malvarrosa and the Patacona areas with a shout out to El Saler to the South of the city on the Albufera lake. In El Saler, if you are lucky, you’ll get sea views to one side and lake views to the other, but apart from that there’s not much availability of close up sea views. Valencia is flat after all so you may be just a few streets away from the sea but if the building behind you is just as high as yours then your sea view is blocked.

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How to Work With Valencia Property

We keep getting more and more requests to help people with their purchase of Valencia Property. There has been a large uptick in requests in the last two weeks since we published our articles about the rental crisis in Valencia and the new digital nomad visa in Spain. It’s really gratifying to see so many people trusting us with their most important purchase in Spain. As the most experienced, twenty years plus and counting, and trusted (see our reviews) estate agency in the area we take this responsibility towards our potential clients seriously and continue to build relationships with them right from the start of their Valencia Property journey.