Betera is a town lying at the end of the metro line to the north west of Valencia. It is around 16km from the city of Valencia and is a quite compact town dominated by a castle in the old town. Betera property is more highly priced than certain other areas because of the local facilities including a 5 star spa hotel, 27 hole golf course, El Escorpion, equestrian centres, excellent schools and the proximity to Valencia.

The type of property for sale in Betera ranges rom old town houses to modern flats, apartments and villas ranging from luxury property around the golf course to dilapidated and in need of updating property on the older estates.

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A Hectare in Betera

360,000 EUR

Country Life and lots of space…………but not miles out the way……. a common request from clients and generally hard to come by, more often than not “House with character on Big Plot” usually translates as “Ancient Ruin in the Back of Beyond” but here’s a nice looking villa that wouldn’t look out of place in a magazine on a massive piece of land and just 2km from Betera...

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Hunky Attainable Villa

470,000 EUR

Handsome looking house - can a house be handsome? I mean its not George Clooney, let's not get carried away here, but maybe the cute guy you see on the metro every morning level of handsome. And just like that poor unfortunate on the metro who is starting to get distinctly freaked out by you staring at him, this house is attainable. Its just 2 km outside Betera town, and handy for the motorway and metro to the city...

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Townhouse with Castle View

129,000 EUR

Coming to Spain dreaming of flamenco dancers, bullfighters and medieval castles, but then disappointed when you get here to discover that Valencia is actually a shiny, super-modern 21st century city? Well listen up, because although we'll leave the flamenco and the toreros to the tourist trap, we have found you a castle. In Betera town, this townhouse has spectacular views of the castle from the large terrace...

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