Valencia Beach

The area around Valencia beach is a mixture of tumbledown old two floor fishermen's cottages and older and more modern apartment blocks. It has a character all of its own and the property stands right next to the beach and port in Valencia of course.

The area is divided into two separate zones of the Cabañal, near the port, and the Malvarrosa which is also the name of the beach. Cabanyal Property for sale is a varied mix of townhouses and apartments whereas the Malvarrosa is more of a working area. The Malvarrosa also has the advantage of being very near to the Polytechnic University too. Both areas have excellent communications via metro and bus into the centre of Valencia.
Properties Available : 29

Silver linings

215,000 EUR

110 SqM

Relationships can be hard. One minute you think everything is rosy and the next you´re having to sell your beachfront property because it´s in both your names. Well as Francis Bacon once said "The misery of one man is the fortune of another", and at Valencia Property as we say "Viva el divorcio!"...

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Better than Grimsby

235,000 EUR

149 SqM

-Where are you going on your summer holidays this year Roger?- -Rented a 15m2 caravan down in Grimsby Bernard, me, the wife and the mother-in-law. You?- -Oh just off to my 3-storey house on the Med Roger- -You´re a b***tard Bernard- Grimsby might be lovely, never been so can´t confirm either way. I can confirm that the Med is lovely, year-round lovely in fact...

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Beside the Seaside Apartment

280,000 EUR

139 SqM

Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside! I do like to be beside the sea! I do like to stroll along the Prom, Prom, Prom! Where the brass bands play, “Tiddely-om-pom-pom!” Indeed, but if you know Valencia, you'll know that the city is not built on the beach, and so beachside properties are hard to come by. So its often worth moving a few kms north or in this case south to find decent properties which beach views...

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Summer Bolthole in Malvarrosa

180,000 EUR

116 SqM

Here's a tidy apartment on a quiet street in the Malvarrosa, ideally located for the University and Beach this solid build from the early 2000s is ready to be furnished and rented out as is, (think students/teachers during the school calendar then a couple of months for yourself in the summer) or lock in a long term tenant and get an ongoing return. Three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms...

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Project in Cabanyal

180,000 EUR

135 SqM

This year the demand in Valencia, and Cabanyal in particular, is off the scale, we continue to search for our clients and speak to the local agents about new opportunities, be that apartments, buildings and/or overlooked areas, I can safely say if its listed somewhere, we’ve seen it or know something about it, so why not ask us first? No BS, no obligation, free expertise, can’t say fairer than that can we? Anyway...

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Beachside apartment near Valencia City

177,000 EUR

126 SqM

A practically beachside apartment in Playa de Farnals, which is just a little more than 10km north of Valencia city, and well connected to the city by motorway and cycle lanes. The metro line which goes to the city and on to the airport is just 4km away. The apartment itself is only about 300m from the beach - a really good long sandy beach by the way...

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Sea Lapping Ominously at the Door Villa

989,999 EUR

225 SqM

Private Villa located just 10 meters from the best beach in Denia "Playa De Les Deveses". So this really is first line of the beach. And no, I'm not going to start making cracks about sea-level rise because climate change is deadly serious. There's many a multi-millionaire is going to find himself homeless as his mansion settles beneath the waves in the next few decades, this is no laughing matter. Anyway...

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Masia by Puig Beach

1,500,000 EUR

1121 SqM

This is a Masia, a country house outside the town of Puig. 15 minutes from Valencia city and just a kilometre from the beach. Its a big property with a long description. I'll see if I can break it down a bit. It dates from the end of the 18th century, in 1970 it was bought and restored by the architect Román Jiménez Iranzo. The garden is 2000m2 plot, the house 1,121 m2. The garden includes a fountain and an orchard...

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Spectacular Beachside Villa

425,000 EUR

346 SqM

Spectacular house above the beaches of Cullera. If your dream of living in Spain is waking up to the sun rising over the Mediterranean, look no further. Located in Cullera town, this is a large property over 3 floors, with 2 terraces from which to enjoy the amazing views. 4 double bedrooms, one en-suite. A large private garage, and if you can't be bothered to walk the 100 metres to the beach...

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