Outside Valencia

Spain is a huge country full of different lifestyles, cultures and climates. This section of the site brings you properties for sale in Spain that are outside our immediate region of Valencia but offer great value. They comprise distressed sales, bank repossessions, friends and friends of friends who ask me to promote their property, whenever it is a good deal of course and properties that are sent to me from other sources.

The properties in here will range from Mediterranean Villas on exclusive estates, mountain properties in the more temperate North of Spain, inland mansions with loads of land and property for sale in major cities around Spain

Properties Available : 1

100 year old Country House in Horta Nord

350,000 EUR

The Horta Nord is the area of farmland to the north of Valencia city, it has been cultivated for thousands of years and in fact the Via Augusta, the main Roman highway from Cartagena to Rome passed almost right past this property. Subsequently the visigoths, the moors, and the Spanish knights of the reconquista have all prized this land. This house itself was built over 100 years ago and is still in fantastic condition...

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