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Valencia Region

The Valencia Region is comprised of three areas, Valencia, Castellón and Alicante. We often get property for sale in Valencia offered to us in the other two other regions so we thought it would be best for us to offer them in the Valencia region page along with properties that are from a town we maybe don't cover but is within Valencia.

Valencia is the administrative hub and acts as the motor of the Valencian economy. Known for oranges, tiles, fantastic modernist architecture and a thriving nightlife and weekend breaks scene, Valencia is a growing city that has parts of the best of Spain all over, a Mediterranean city which lives as a real city too. Alicante is known for its tourist hotspots such as Benidorm and Torrevieja but has so much more to offer too. Castellon is the unknown and hidden coast of Spain. Known as the orange blossom coast it has beautiful valleys and greenery inland and apart from the carbuncle that is Marina D'Or at Oropesa is quite beautiful to look at (and I have to say you will never see a property in Marina D'Or on our website ;-))

Properties Available : 5

Wonderfully Mad Townhouse in Siete Aguas

265,000 EUR

This amazing one-off house is right in the town of Siete Aguas, 40 minutes from Valencia city, and with a direct train connection. It's a really special house, and not special in the way that England fans who boo their own players taking a knee are special, but special as in clever, bright and good fun - the opposite of those fans in fact...

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Common Sense Siete Aguas Villa

130,000 EUR

How nice to have a country villa that looks a bit different from the rest. This place is 3kms outside Siete Aguas, about 40 minutes drive from Valencia. It's on a decent plot of land, but if you aren't into gardening, you're in luck, because its concrete and cement as far as the eye can see here. The odd shrub and tree poking through, but seriously, you can leave your strimmers at home for this one. As I said...

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The Townhouse that Time forgot

130,000 EUR

Ok, I really want to list this because some of the photos of this place in Almenara are works of art in their own right. I will discuss some of them below. (Incidentally due to public decency laws I will be using some abbreviations here, like FH, WTFK, FM, GFY and WTAF. And maybe just plain F too) The first photo below is of 2 armchairs and a fireplace. Harmless right? Wrong. It is a visual full frontal assault...

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Courtyard House in Albalat

250,000 EUR

Did you ever pass a beautiful double wooden door like this in a Spanish street and wonder what's behind it? Well if the property hasn't been gutted and 'modernised', there will be a beautiful sunny courtyard will terraces above looking down. This house in Albalat is a property that is increasingly rare to find, it still has the original features of the classic townhouse style. High ceilings, wooden beams...

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Underpriced Town House in Ontinyent

99,000 EUR

Recently valued at 137,000 Euros, this townhouse in Ontinyent over three floors gives you over 200 useable metres for under 100k. There are five bedrooms, two bathroom, kitchen, living room and roof terrace and it's on a quiet street in the old part of the pretty town of Ontinyent in inland Valencia...

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