Valencia is the hidden jewel of the Mediterranean. A compact city of almost 1 million people Valencia has a stunning architectural mix of the old and modern. Valencia is a much cheaper and less tourist ridden version of Barcelona with the added advantage of better weather and it is also the greenest city in southern Europe thanks to an accident of history, the floods of the 1950's. Valencia property for sale is a melting pot of styles. The old fishermen's cottages in the Cabanyal, the ultra modern flats overlooking the city of arts and sciences and the beautiful facades of the Carmen old town, Ensanche and Ruzafa give an intoxicating mix of options when looking for apartments for sale in Valencia. Apartments for sale in Valencia City are varied and affordable and give you a great choice of places to live. Valencians love fireworks and Valencia is the loudest city in Europe apparently and glorifies in that status. Bear it in mind when buying a flat or apartment in Valencia. You will love your property for sale in Valencia city but not if you are living above the local party central
Properties Available : 44

Make your Move

215,000 EUR

100 SqM

There's so much demand for the usual haunts in Valencia at the moment its a case of blink and you’ll miss it and judging by the listings on the portals the demand is seriously depleting the supply chain, (it’s halved in two years) terraces are also rarer than ever and if you’re a cash buyer you really have to be ready to make your move. This is when we advise that you cast your net a bit wider...

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Apartment of Few Words

519,000 EUR

170 SqM

Word has reached of a particularly interesting property on one of the best streets in one of the most prestigious areas of Valencia. And I’m afraid that’s really all we have, a word (or 2), no photographs. I can tell you that its in the Pla de Remei barrio though, a couple of hundred metres from the riverbed, and a similar distance from Colon Street. Its somewhere in the photo above if that helps. Why the secrecy? Honestly...

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Lets go Mental Russafa Penthouse

460,000 EUR

132 SqM

Oh my God its a roof terrace! And it's in Russafa! Aaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Everybody lose their f***ing minds! Time to go mental!!!!! Well, at least that's been the reaction recently to any property like this so before any one has an aneurism, I should say upfront that this is a fourth floor walk-up. I know, annoying, isn't it? Or maybe not. Because of that catch...

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Take me to your Heaven

239,000 EUR

130 SqM

Sometimes there is a need to make a song and Wild Dances about things, especially when theres not a lot available in the city and we’re trying to tick the boxes for clients, for some we are the Heroes, so its time to Rise like a Phoenix and praise Hard Rock Hallelujah when Love Shines a Light and we Believe. So even thought there might not be a huge Euphoria, In Your Eyes at first glance when viewing the photos...

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Apartment the size of Two Female Giraffes End to End

660,000 EUR

256 SqM

When I see this photo I ask myself – ‘how old is too old to get away with sliding on your knees across a polished floor?’ This looks like a ballroom, but its just the living room of this apartment in the city centre. If that’s just the living room, how big is the whole apartment I hear you ask. 256m2. And just to give you an idea of how big that is...

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Gran Via and Golden Visas

490,000 EUR

110 SqM

Ensanche, one of the most pleasant places in Valencia city and recently we’ve been doing a lot of business in this part of town, there something about this neighbourhood and in particular the Gran Via that suits our kind of client and if you would also like to follow the rainbow and catch the Golden Visa before they stop doing them you should probably come and take a look at this apartment...

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Its Pronounced Pat Rikes

169,000 EUR

124 SqM

We have had a run of houses outside of the city lately so time for a city option today methinks. At less than 1400€ per sq/m, the value on this property is obvious from the get-go. Located in the Patraix neighbourhood you have the metro a 2-minute walk away, the local market with all its fresh produce just begging you to embrace the Mediterranean diet is only 5 minutes down the road and the city centre is a 10-15 minute stroll...

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Top Floor Investment in Ruzafa

270,000 EUR

115 SqM

Filipinas, Cuba, Denia, Puerto Rico, Buenos Aires, Cadiz, and erm Sueca, all exotic locations and folk with funny accents, they’re also street names in Ruzafa and if you have a theory about that i’d love to hear it, tweet or toot, share the knowledge but keep it civil, we'll have no Masto Baiting here. Here in Ruzafa, on a corner of Calle Cadiz to be exact we find this excellent sized apartment with 3 bedrooms, 1,5...

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Evergreen Requirements

410,000 EUR

100 SqM

When you come to fill out our “First Steps” form its more than likely that you will add Terrace to the These Are My "Must Haves”, yep the perennial old chestnut, easier said than done but every now and again you get lucky, touch wood. So, a neat and tidy penthouse apartment in Gran Via, tons of light on the 7th floor, excellently renovated, well distributed and just a short walk to the beautiful Turia Gardens...

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