Why You Should Sell Your Home With Valencia Property

As a seller of property in Valencia for whatever reason you are selling, Valencia Property is the best solution you can use to sell on the international market. Established for well over 20 years, Valencia Property is best known as a buyers' agent working for international buyers from all over the World who want to buy in Valencia. As the number one result for many terms to do with property in Valencia on most search engines and the only agency to have a Podcast, a Youtube Channel, a hugely informative blog that is updated regularly (You're reading it now) as well as our homepage with our property listings we have a large throughput of clients finding us from everywhere and every direction.

However, what most people don't know is that we can also act for sellers and we do this regularly with huge success. In the last year over 90% of the properties we have been given by owners have sold within a short time of having them either to clients of Valencia Property or clients from many of our collaborating agencies. And that's the secret sauce.

Moreover, it could possibly cost you nothing as a seller.

The Valencia Property Sales Package

There isn't another agency in Valencia able to offer such a comprehensive package as Valencia Property to meet the demands of reaching the international market to make sure that more eyeballs and therefore potential customers see your property. Our long established website ranks above the main portals in Spain for terms to do with buying property in Valencia attracting thousands of visits per month.

When you ally this to our social media presence, our use of 360º images with our new collaboration with Giraffe360 (unique in the Valencia region and rare in Spain), our videos, our presence in international portals and through our network of agencies, more of that later, you are guaranteed the greatest reach possible and unlike many other agents we actually have a long funnel of buying clients ready to look at your property immediately. We also have a reputation for entertaining and innovative descriptions that mean people read on and don't just click away and people contact us just to work with us!

Valencia Property's Reach

Our reach is well beyond the borders of the Valencia community and Spain. We are the reference point for Valencian real estate agents internationally and are consitently contacted by international journalists and publications for quotes about the Valencia property market and for examples of properties for sale. In the last year we have appeared in national publications in the UK, USA and other English speaking markets bringing more interest to properties in Valencia through their reach.

We also reach into other territories with our agreements with agencies all around the World who send their clients to us as they know that their clients will receive the best service and the greatest choice by using Valencia Property as their agent on the ground here.

The Valencia Property Network

Our network in and around Valencia is without equal and this is extremely important in a market where there is no overriding MLS system and placing your property on a property portal is likely to lead to a deluge of calls from agencies without potential clients and people trying to rip you off as a seller. We know of a seller recently who was charged 6% for selling their property because the agency selling told them that they had to pay the buying agent too (Of course this was a lie and they kept all of the money which isn't really a surprise from an agency with a reputation for lying that is totally well deserved. Ask me and I'll let you know who they are)

Many agencies in Valencia love showing our properties as they know that we have done our homework. We don't accept illegal properties, properties with problems or properties with defects etc... This means that their clients are sure to be buying with certainty.

Equally we qualify their clients for you too. We make sure that the visitors you get to your property will be able to buy if they like it, that they have finance in place as long as the valuation stacks up or that they are cash buyers and ready to move quickly. This saves you as a seller the hassle and stress of having to put up with hundreds of tyre-kickers, weekend property warriors, agents using your property as just another of a list to see before they sell the one they really want to sell and constant phone calls insisting that you need to change some aspect of your property, your interior design or your pricing. This burns a property quickly. We will give you a fair price on the property even when you aren't paying us. And that is how we get to explaining our pricing model.

Valencia Property Pricing

Valencia Property has always been a buyer's agent. We work for the buyer to find their perfect property. You as a seller may have the perfect property for our clients and if you have then we will not charge you anything for selling your property. However, there are ocasions when we will charge you 2% of the sale price and that is when we sell your property to another agent's client.

If we bring you one of our clients to buy your property then you pay us nothing.

60-70% of our sales are made to our own clients, people who come through Valencia Property. And those clients work closely with us as their named buyer's agent and pay us for finding them the perfect property. Unlike most estate agents in Valencia we don't charge both sides as we believe that this creates a conflict of interest. However, we let you know if the client coming to visit your property who makes an offer is from another agency so you are aware that you would be paying us 2% in these cases. Standard payments in Valencia for sellers are 3% so we reduce your selling costs while giving you the best service on the market and an international and local pool of buyers looking for property just like yours.

The Valencia Property Promise

We will not lie to you. If we think your property is a difficult sale due to your expectations on price, the location, the area, the state of the property, the situation in the market or for any other reason then we will let you know. We will not take on properties we don't believe we can sell and that wouldn't be a good market fit for our company. That would be stupid and waste our time and yours as well as the time of many potential buyers. Other agents will do this and then they'll spend the next few months phoning you every week to tell you to reduce your price over and over. Equally if there are difficulties in the paperwork we help to guide you through what you need to do before putting it on the market.

The Valencia Property Team

Valencia Property has an extremely solid and experienced bilingual team with decades of experience both in Valencia, in the business and in the Valencia Property market. Whether you are dealing with me, Graham, the CEO, who has been working in the Valencia Property market for almost a quarter of a century now, or any of our experienced team you will notice that there is no great turnover of staff. We know our jobs and we work well both for you as a client and together. We're generally a personable and happy bunch too and you can talk to us on a personal level as easily as you can on a business level. Our reviews speak for themselves as they always mention the person who did the excellent job for them on buying and selling.

One of the downsides of many other agents is that their turnover of staff is huge and you cannot be guaranteed that the agent who takes on your property will still be with the organisation next month (If you ask me why over a coffee or beer I'll tell you why).

At Valencia Property you will get personalised attantion from one of our experienced staff and myself, Graham. We will put together your sales package including photos, videos, social media reach, drone photography if needed and more and take on all of the aspects of the sales process for you making sure that you are informed at every step of what is happening with your sale and what interest there is and what you need to do in order to have the best experience of selling your Valencia Property.

Our business lives or dies by its team and our team is the best in the business. The most knowledgeable, with the most expertise and the longest time in Valencia. If we can't help you then we suspect that there isn't anyone who can.

Contact Us

If this sounds like something that may be helpful to you and you want to explore selling your Valencia Property then contact us and offer us your property. Our areas are within the city of Valencia itself, the suburbs within 20km of the city to the North and West and down the coast towards Cullera, Gandia, Denia and Javea to the South.

If you are not in these areas then equally feel free to contact us and if the property is special we may well take it on but even if we don't we will give you advice as to the best agents that might be able to give you a good service. It is almost always a good idea to speak with us before talking to anyone else because our expertise and knowledge is unrivalled in the Valencia area. Don't believe us, then call.

The Valencia Property Monthly Podcast - Digital Nomad Version

I recorded the latest podcast while away in Asturias due to a modernisation going on at my house, therefore it's the digital nomad version as I can manage to do things like this while away frrom Valencia. Equally, I'm back in Valencia for this post now but not yet at home. For the first time ever I'm living in the city for a while and I'm actually in one of our Stepping Stone Rental properties. This one is available from October and I've got to say it's pretty lovely. Take a look at it here. We tale about SSR in the podcast but there's also more about the blogs and much more. Have a listen below.

Stepping Stone Rentals is our new project which is seeking to ease the transition of foreigners coming into Valencia and give them a grounding in the area without worrying about temporary Airbnb accommodation or finding a jewel in the swampy ground that is the rental market online. Read all about why we set up the company.

Property of the Week

Hot town, summer in the city, back of my neck getting dirty and gritty, been down, isn't it a pity? Doesn't seem to be a shadow in the city, All around, people looking half dead, walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match head……

Yes indeed, ball soup in Valencia at the moment and places like this all of a sudden look very inviting indeed, this one has lot of things in its favour and maybe you’ve arrived here via the popular portals after applying your filters, not much out there, amirite? Not a problem, it’s just going to make your decision easier and if you’ve been looking for this type of property and are weighing up a Golden Visa it might be the best option out there right now.

Views, garage, storage, a modern build for easy maintenance, right on the beach with 3 beds, 2 baths, kitchen, living room with balcony, key ready and a rather marvellous large terrace to spend many days and evenings in your new home on the Mediterranean, bright and breezy and looking very inviting on another extremely hot summer's day in Valencia.

Come on, come on and dance all night, despite the heat, it'll be alright….

Sea clearly and join us.

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