Snowboarding in Spain

Obviously there are lots of places to go snowboarding in Spain. The ski stations in Spain are high and currently absolutely replete with snow. You can go South to Granada and the Sierra Nevada, head inland from Valencia to Teruel, check out the Picos de Europa or go to the more obvious Pyrenees along the boarder with France. However this post has nothing to do with skiing, snowboarding or anything else done on the white stuff, not even making snowmen.

Our Spanish Snowman
Our Spanish Snowman

I have put up a new blog about being an entrepreneur in Spain, i.e. going it alone and not getting paid by the man but relying on yourself. Difficult at times but much more satisfying long term. The blog will have guest posts from other entrepreneurs in Spain and will help you when planning your move to Spain if you are thinking of working for yourself rather than trying to get one of the rare jobs that come up.

It will focus on freedom of choice in planning where you want to live and the lifestyle that you want. Whether you want to wake up in the morning overlooking the Mediterranean and go walking along the beach before starting work rather than commuting under someone’s armpit for an hour in an overcrowded tube train, or you just want to be able to choose when to work then this blog is for you.

And if you would like to contribute then get in touch with your angle and you might get in the Guest Post section, which is where you will find blogs by other entrepreneurs in Spain.

Oh and by the way, sometime it does get cold in Spain.

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  1. I theoretically knew that there were snow in Spain but I have never seen it myself there. Such a weird picture! I’m trying to keep away from the snow. Spain is all sun for me but I appreciate that some people might be tired of the year-long summer 🙂

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