The First Step to Buying Property in Valencia

If you have been in touch with us before you will know that we always ask for one thing above all others, if you haven't then below is what you need to do. Whether we start our contacts with an email, a Whatsapp message, a video call or even an old fashioned phone call we always ask clients

"Tell us your wish list".

A wish list is simple and it's comprised of just three questions. However, these questions do require more than just a one word answer. You will need to think a bit. The three questions are:

What Are Your "Must Haves"?

What Are your "Would Likes"?

What Are Your Definite "Dealbreakers"?

Let¡s look at each in turn and some typical answers we get to these questions before we ask you to fill yours in.

The "Must Haves"

Depending on your choice of desired property you may have certain aspects that are non-negotiable, the "Must Haves" if you like.

In the case of apartments often these non-negotiable aspects include a lift/elevator if the property is above the second floor, a balcony or a terrace, a minimum number of bedrooms or square metres, a second bathroom or the ability to install one it may have to be a penthouse and most importantly fast and efficient internet. Let's look at each in turn.

The need for a lift is often viewed from the point of view of future sale value, advancing years, bad knees and carrying shopping. I can understand all of these concerns, there are certain things you cannot do anything about such as a bad knee or advancing years but shopping can be ordered and delivered and the future sale value will be offset by the fact that you will be paying less for the apartment if you buy it without a lift and sometimes between buying and selling a lift may be installed which increases the value of your property of course.

Some people even say that a property bought for rental purposes must have a lift. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is so little rental supply in Valencia at the moment that you only lose a small number of potential tenants when your apartment doesn't offer a lift.

In terms of balcony or terrace, this is a positive constraint. You are limited in what you can get if you insist on a good sized terrace with space for tables and chairs and entertaining. Effectively because of the style of building in Valencia City you will be limited to a choice of first floor or penthouse.

Penthouses with terraces are in demand so expect competition when looking to buy one, however, your terrace is often larger and more useful one the first floor. OK, you may not get the greatest views but it's the outside space that most people want. Penthouse terraces are often too hot in the summer months unless you install a wooden pergola if allowed, and the apartments themselves are often smaller converted porter's lodges with little or no insulation unless they have been extensively renovated.

The minimum number of bedrooms is easy to understand, you expect all of your friends and family to visit regularly. They won't. However, these days having the ability to work from home, having a home study area or even just having a room away from the kids or family to relax is important for people so that extra bedroom may become very useful. Remember though that bedrooms in apartments tend to be smaller and are often interior meaning that your office with an inspiring view may not be possible in that extra room, it may be just the lightwell in the interior of the building (allowing you to concentrate more of course). Nevertheless, space in Spanish apartments is measured more importantly in metres squared rather than bedrooms. This is because interior walls can usually be knocked through easily enough making four bedrooms become three for example or a second bathroom can be added to replace the smallest bedroom. Square metres don't change.

When we are looking at houses some of the non-negotiables are often things like views (Sea or countryside), all on one floor, a flat plot, off road parking or a garage, a covered terrace and an easy maintenance garden.

Some of these facets may be difficult to reconcile, for example views demand a higher position and often this is on a hillside and negates the possibility of a flat plot or a property all on one floor. Therefore it is important to decide on the most important non negotiable in your list if these are concerns, is it more important to have the views or the flat plot for example?

And remember that Valencia is mostly flat, flat as a pancake in the city for example. Outside there are certain areas that are raised and allow for countryside views such as Olocau, Naquera, Villamarchante and Lliria. Houses in La Eliana, parts of Ribarroja, on Torres de Portacoeli and in La Pobla mostly have the views you make yourself of your garden rather than distant countryside views.

Sea views? Very difficult. Some of the more expensive places on Monasterios and Alfinach in Puzol, some first line beach places in Valencia City, Port Saplaya Marina and the exterior parts of Naquera (Distant sea views but sea views all the same) but again the flat nature of Valencia means that sea views are difficult. You limit your options a lot if sea views is a "Must have"

Most villas have off road parking so the question is more, garage or car port or just a spot to park. If you actually require a garage then that's more understandable but remember many garages have been converted into living accommodation.

Covered terraces are the usual too so when people specify that we like to ask how big? Most people ask for a covered and uncovered terrace in a house allowing them to go out into or hide from the sun according to the time of year and strength of the sun.

The "Would Likes"

Some people don't have any "must haves" but provide us with a long list of "would likes". We prefer at least a few must haves, a few things that constitute the most important aspects of your purchase, it helps when framing visits. However, the list of "would likes" is often much longer than the "must haves" and helps to give a larger selection rather than reducing the numbers of places available. As a rule of thumb the greater the number of would likes we can get into a property the better the chances of you deciding to buy a particular property on your itinerary.

If you have written ten "would likes" and we manage to find a selection of properties with at least seven of those aspects then that property has a good chance of being selected for viewing. If it only ticks four or five boxes then less so, unless it manages to tick all of the must have boxes.

In a city apartment some typical "would likes" include an extra bedroom (when a minimum is stated in the "must haves"), a garage space in the building, being near to supermarkets, restaurants, bars etc...

In cases of houses then walking distance into a town, tarmacced roads all the way to the house, good mobile phone coverage, a ground level pool rather than a raised one, plenty of shade and tended gardens rather than concrete all around or extra, separate accommodation for visitors or a building which can be converted for this purpose.

The "Deal Breakers"

Cables! It's always cables. Or main roads. Or...

With apartments it's darkness. You don't come to Valencia to live in an apartment that reminds you of a cave (Unless you actually want a cave house) you come for light and warmth. Interior flats on lower floors are the least popular apartments we find. No local facilities is another but that is difficult to find in Valencia, everywhere has facilities. Too far out from the area you want a property in is also a no-no despite Valencia not being too large so you are never far from the centre.

With houses it's cables... or even worse cables AND on a main road. High tension cables are a common feature when you see an amazing place online at a great price. The cables are discretely cut out or photoshopped away from the photos you see. Personally I don't see the point of hiding them because once you get to the house you immediately rule the place out and get angry at the agent for not mentioning them.

Other deal breakers may include being overlooked, being too near to the neighbours' house, too many barking dogs, lack of privacy, being too far away from other houses (Distances are difficult to gauge at times), low ceilings (especially relevant when garages have been converted for example), too much of a modernisation being required, potential future costs of urbanisation by the local council or being too far away from the city or the airport (Or even too close to the airport!).

Let us know what your deal breaker is. Fill out the form below to take your first step with us by letting us know your must haves, would likes and "just nos". You won't regret it.

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Before we finish... Golden Visa Property of the Week.

695,000 Euros Pego Townhouse With Courtyard

This astonishingly beautiful town house dates back to the 19th Century – but has been restored by purists who have enhanced the natural beauty of this unique house. Step inside the house and you will be amazed by the detail of the restoration, which includes the original frescoes and all the traditional and original features whether of stone, plaster or wood. This is a restoration on an extraordinary scale and quite magnificent. It will take your breath away.

Meanwhile, the house is huge – some 750 m2! So, if you want a really special family home then this is surely it. Alternatively, this property could easily function as a bespoke Casa Rural.

Of special significance is the completely enclosed and very large courtyard – accessed from the front of the house. This huge and beautiful area has covered parking for three cars and is a lovely area for al fresco dining. Completely tranquil it is secluded and private and such a haven of peace – that you would never know that you were in the middle of a busy town. There is ample area for a swimming pool.

Entering the house you will find yourself within a huge hallway with beautiful, original frescoes. These are complemented by the vast entrance doors, the arches and pillars and stunning flooring. A salon is to one side of the hallway. Adjacent is a cloakroom. From the hallway the house flows naturally into the main salon and then through to the dining room and kitchen, all of which face out to the courtyard.

A stunning staircase sweeps up to the first floor where there is a very large hallway from which there are four bedrooms. From here you can access a massive (and fully restored attic area. This is huge, restored (the roof is new!) and used as a games/entertaining area – from which there is a large terrace that overlooks the courtyard.

The house also has a large utility room and a very large works shop on the 1st floor – which overlooks the courtyard. This area, with its arches, could be made into further accommodation.

Ask us for more information and images. It's worth a look

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