Cafe Society In Spain

Cafe Society in Spain

Thought I would film a gritty realistic video about working class life in Spain. OK no I didn’t, what I did was to film a video in low light and put it in black and white showing cafe society in Spain.

[caption id="attachment_1823" align="alignleft" width="560" caption="Cafe Society in Spain By The Market"]Cafe Society in Spain By The Market[/caption] The cafe society of Spain cuts across social boundaries and races as everyone takes time out during the day to have their morning coffee and afternoon café. Whether you go into the best coffee house in the town or the lowest greasy spoon cafe you will notice one thing above all others, the coffee will still be better than in Starbucks and probably half the price. Coffee has gone up in price since the advent of the Euro, in many places the prices went from 100 ptas to one Euro on the day of the changeover which was a 50% rise. These days a coffee can still be found for 90 cents but generally they are around €1.20. And there are so many ways to have it. Just so you know when you come over and invite me for a coffee mine is as follows; “Cafe con leche descafeinado de maquina por favor.” I don’t know how many times in my life I have said those words. However yours might be a “cortado”, un “Americano” un “bomboncito”, “con gotas”, “doble”, “fuerte con poca leche” or any combination of the above. Different parts of the country have different names for each type of coffee. In Asturias where I used to live a Cafe con Leche is a "Mediano". My first few months in Valencia I kept getting the wrong coffee served as a result. Watch the video and check out some of the cafes around the centre of Valencia. 1) You Know You Have Lived in Spain When 2) Yet Another Rant Against Telefonica 3) Our New Video Channel
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