The Sierra Calderona National Park

This week I will be showing you some images from the Sierra Calderona National Park just north of me here in La Pobla. I have taken some video from up near Naquera and I will be featuring properties on the edge or in The Sierra Calderona National Park. They are all within half an hour of the airport or Valencia though so have really good access into the city.

The Sierra Calderona national park is a place full of activities to do that are far removed from the excitement of the city and after a weekend of high powered Formula One action where it was actually proven that it is possible to overtake on that track you might want a little calmness away from the city.

Videos to follow later in the week concentrating on property in Olocau, Naquera and Torres Torres.

Sierra Calderona National Park
Sierra Calderona National Park

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  1. Spain is the world’s 51st-largest country. I have learned that this Sierra Calderona was a natural protected park in Valencia, Spain. It is definitely a popular tourist destination perfect for an awesome vacation.

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