How A Couple of Junkies Can Torpedo A Sale

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City life is the same the World over. There are marvellous things and there are things that anyone would be sad to see. Think about begging on the streets, people rummaging in bins, and junkies shooting up in public. Now I know that New York managed to clean up the city some time ago with a zero tolerance policy towards anything considered anti social although that seems to be falling apart now. Spain has a similar problem, a friend of mine has just moved out of Barcelona due to the scams, prostitutes and general feeling of the Ramblas these days, and when I went to the UK recently the same problems were evident there except without the joy of the Ramblas and Barcelona in general.

Now I am not going to go into social inequality, lack of opportunity and the lack of a safety net for those falling out of the system, these are particular bugbears of mine, but I will talk about a specific case by the central market in Valencia.

Some clients of mine were over this week and they really love Valencia. They have seen the City of Arts and Sciences, the Cathedral, the Beach, the Market and more and visually Valencia is stunning. Unfortunately they were interested in a flat near the central market so went round to have a look after all of the coffee shops were closed and the market had finished for the day. As they walked around the outside of the market, not looking its best at the moment as a new metro station and car park is being built on one side, they had the misfortune of seeing a couple of junkies shooting up in one of the stairwells of the market. As I said it can happen anywhere in any city or any part of Valencia, but of course they would now prefer a different area to that which the flat is in. So now we look around Ensanche, Ruzafa and the pedestrianised area near the Ayuntamiento to find a similar property. We will get there.

And junkies, shoot up in private please!

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4 thoughts on “How A Couple of Junkies Can Torpedo A Sale

  1. What a nightmare. Fortunately, one I’ve never experienced….

    …I did once have the vendor from hell though. Turned up with some clients and he then insisted on giving us “the tour” and telling us all the worst aspects of the property:

    “The pool’s empty because I don’t bother with it any more. It’s too windy here to enjoy it, but don’t worry I’ll fill it, if you buy.”

    “The roads out here as pretty much impassable when it does rain, and the rest of the time we just get dust everywhere.”

    “This is rustic land all around, so they say people can never build here, but someone will grease a palm one day, and you’ll be surrounded by lots of little duplexes.”

    I kid you not! Funnily enough, I think the place is still on the market.

  2. Why miss up on a potentially good property because of a couple of junkies? Actually the junkies can have a pretty reverse effect on the sale price, and the buyer can negotiate a lower price and install the necessary junkie-deterring facilities after the sale to keep the property safe.

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