Local Fiestas and Traditions in Spain

The glue that binds Spanish society together are the local fiestas that happen in every town or small village every year.. An example of this I heard about in Olocau this week. Local taxes had gone up by around 40% on average and to stop the dissenting voices about, “where does our money go?”, the Mayor spent more than ever on the fiestas this year. Fireworks, processions, events and acts.

Fiestas in Spain
Fiestas in Spain

Have a look at the video and if you think that your fiestas in your town are special then leave a link in the comments of some videos showing what the fiestas are like in your town.

Local traditions must be maintained in Spain as they make Spain different. The fiestas as Ernest Hemingway pointed out in “Fiesta” are the essence of Spain.

Also check out the related reading as Spanish towns struggle under crushing debts.

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