The New Valencia Property Site

The best laid plans of mice and me.

Last week I stated that the new Valencia Property site would be up and running today. The day after as you will know if you are following me on twitter or listening to my audioboos that you can hear on my Valencia Property Facebook page, my Mac died.

I spent the whole of the weekend trying to get it to work again. I spent my birthday on Monday trying to get it sorted and in the end I took it to the Mac shop in Valencia to sort it. Up to now they still haven’t looked at it.

So I don’t know when the new site will be ready. If it is not sorted by Friday then I won’t get it back until at least the middle of next week.


Well next Monday is a fiesta in Spain, Tuesday is one of the famous “puentes” and Wednesday is another fiesta so not much might happen then either. Then we are into mid December and just like in the rest of the world Spain tends to wind down even more.

So now the issue is when do I expect to have the new site ready? Currently there are 31 properties uploaded into the new site and there are around a hundred more to upload.

I would suggest the 15th of December as the final date for having everything ready but it will be worth it.

Meanwhile if you are sending requests for property information to the Valencia Property website then remember that currently I do not have access to the mail, please send all requests to and I will get back to you asap.

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