Success! Finally Valencia Property Is Ready, This Time Really

The new Valencia Property site is now up and running and ready for you to choose a property or properties to look at when you come over. The reaction to the new site has been excellent, thank you for all the nice comments and suggestions. Some of them will be deployed in the next few weeks and months and others unfortunately wouldn’t be too easy to do.

Valencia Property Success
Valencia Property Success

Currently there are about half of the properties we have on the site but we only have one of the rental properties there. We have a lot more rental properties in Valencia available and really it would be better if you are looking to rent in Valencia to get in touch and I will send you details of things that correspond to what you are looking for. You can do that by sending me a mail on

Meanwhile do some searching through the Valencia Property site and see if there is anything that floats your boat. If you have a property for sale then we would be interested in hearing from you and if it is a good deal then we can advertise it for you too.

We have a couple of outstanding deals on the front page currently and these will be added to in the next few days and weeks. The main photos on the home page and the properties should rotate in time giving you a different experience each time you visit the site.

Meanwhile be sure to pick up our end of year report by liking our Facebook page and downloading the report you can find there.

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