The Wow Factor in Spanish Property

Many people talk about the wow factor when they are thinking of buying a property in Spain, or anywhere else for that matter. What constitutes the wow factor though? I think you need a few examples.

260000 Euros Olocau House For Sale
260000 Euros Olocau House For Sale

Firstly, it is views that count. I have attached a couple of photos of a property for sale in Gilet and a property for sale in Olocau. Both get the wow factor for the views and both have made the best use of them by incorporating lot of glass into the design so that your eyes are constantly drawn to the views. The house in Gilet sees the sun come up over the Mediterranean actually giving you a good reason to get up before dawn.

350000 Euros Gilet House For Sale
350000 Euros Gilet House For Sale

The second wow factor is usually the bathroom. Now I cannot think of a bathroom I have currently that has a huge wow factor, they are all a bit functional, but if you think of a Roman Bath, a large round bath or a fully blown jacuzzi in your bathroom then you are not far off. However you don’t want it to be gaudy do you? We once had a place on the books that had purple velvet walls in the bathroom!

The next wow factor is location. And location sometimes means great views, for example a flat overlooking the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, but more often than not it means right in the heart of everything, like this excellent flat for sale in central Valencia.

Next there is a Modernist design. For some reason people tend to go “Wow” more with the cube type houses that characterize modernist design rather than nothing more along traditional lines. This seems to be the case the world over so something like this rental property by the golf course in el Bosque may float your boat if that is your style.

House Rental at El Bosque Golf Course
House Rental at El Bosque Golf Course

Now have I missed anything out? Is there another factor, something I am missing that gives a place the wow factor? What’s your opinion?

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4 thoughts on “The Wow Factor in Spanish Property

  1. Hi graham

    don’t want to be difficult but I think the essence of “WOW!” is the unknown, encountering the unexpected. It is a view that you did not imagine you would see, a moulded ceiling you happened to look up at and not know was there and took you by surprise, a stylish modern apartment in an otherwise venerable building.

    “WOW!” is what comes out when your expectations are exceeded. When you hope for something good but get the very best.

    Ain’t no tellin’

    1. Good points all the way Chris. Like “Wow look at all of those cockroaches, that one is doing the backstroke in the sink!” (I saw that one in Madrid)

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