Spanish Estate Agency, A Day in The Life

One of the things I am often asked is what I do all day as a Spanish estate agent. Well the truth be told I often don’t know where the day has gone. However I thought I would give you an idea of a typical day when I haven’t got viewings and then in a future post look at one where I have got Spanish Property viewings.

A Spanish Estate Agent's Day
A Spanish Estate Agent's Day

So starting at around 9am once the kids are packed off to school I get the previous day’s emails out of the way if there are any outstanding. This involves sending photos, answering queries or following up with clients who have visited. The follow up is always the most important.

I will then write a blog post just like I am doing now if required and send it out using social media to give it more visibility. Oftentimes I upload properties into the Valencia Property site too and then add them into the Facebook page and Twitter so that those who have signed up for the newsletter can get some breaking news and get first choice on the new properties.

Mid morning I often go out to either take photos or look at property that may be interesting for people who have already signalled their intention to come over and visit. This property search is narrowed down using many websites and from personal recommendations that are sent to me from people selling.

The afternoon is spent updating websites, organising contracts and making sure that the current sales and rental negotiations are ready to go.

After a quick dip in the pool with the kids at around 5pm I then start organising visits responding to the day’s mail and finishing up apart from working on other projects in the background.

However there are a bunch of other things that can affect my day even when clients are not around. I may need to go and have an argument with a bank (ie Negotiate a mortgage). I sometimes have to check out properties ready for people moving in or to check that the inventory that has been signed for is there. Sometimes issues come up with rental properties that need me to sort. Now I am no technician and am useless at fixing things but I do have a database of people who can sort problems for me such as electricians, builders and contacts in insurance companies. Sometimes I will spend up to an hour on the phone with people who just want information before their visit however with all of the information on the blog, Facebook page, YouTube channel and more many of the typical questions are answered.

On top of all of this I need to keep up appearances on social networks by filtering in content, answering queries, interacting and generally helping to lead the market for those who get their information off the web.

Now the thing is I really like doing most of this but if you ever think I am a bit slow getting back to you then it is either because I have a lot of clients coming through or otherwise because I gave up for the day exhausted. I haven’t forgotten about you. And also I know you are disappointed because there is;

  • No siesta (Well very rarely)
  • No long lunch with lashings of red wine
  • No mention of Tapas
  • No late night “business” meetings.

These happen of course but they are just not the day to day. Most of the day is taken up working hard to give more information to clients and those reading the website or looking at the Valencia Property YouTube channel. Activity is based around requirements at the time so always make sure to book your appointments in advance as I may need to juggle some stuff around.

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