Taking a Client to See Some Valencia Property

This morning I am taking a client to see some property in Valencia. I got an email and call yesterday and have managed to arrange to see five places this morning, not as easy as it sounds in August believe me. So my question for today is which of the following would you choose to buy if you were in the market for Valencia Property?

Chiva Semi Detached Property For Sale
Chiva 208000 Euros

The first property is a semi detached property near to the El Bosque golf course in Chiva. It has four bedrooms and has a shared pool on the gated plot shared between some 20 houses along with a kids’ play area. See More Here

La Pobla de Vallbona With Shared Gardens
La Pobla De Vallbona with Shared Gardens

The second property is a terraced house with a shared garden and pool in La Pobla. Reduced dramatically in price it is an excellent place to live. The house has four bedrooms, two living areas and is walking distance to everything in the town. See More Here

Serra Property For Sale
Serra Property For Sale

This property is the classiest in terms of look. It has a huge swimming pool in its plot of 1100m2 and three bedrooms in the main house. There is also a self contained area with bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette for guests. See More Here

Olocau Property For Sale
Olocau Property For Sale

This property is on the edge of the Sierra Calderona national park in Olocau. Again reduced dramatically in price due to illness the house is spacious and the gardens lovely with almost 2000m2 and a pool. See More Here

Olocau Two Houses For the Price of One
Olocau Two Houses For the Price of One

The final one for today is a place where you get two houses for the price of one. The main house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms and the second house has two bedrooms and a bathroom. There is a double plot of almost 2000m2 and it is set just a couple of kilometres from Olocau. See More Here

So again which one would you choose?

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  1. Right, well I’m sold on number 2. Where do I sign? Any jobs round there for a copywriter working in real estate and her partner teacher working as a DJ? Cx

    1. Maybe Charlotte. Definitely for a teacher at the international schools each year and I know lots of DJ’s around here. Copywriters can work from anywhere of course you just need to take a look at http://www.workinspain.co 😉

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