Back in Valencia and Firing

I spent the weekend away at a conference in Malaga but today I am back in Valencia and ready to go. So what does a Monday back in Valencia after three days away look like?

1) Contact Citibank for a client about their glacially slow process of allowing a mortgage.

2) Ring and hopefully visit a couple of attics in Valencia for a client.

3) Follow up the contacts from the weekend.

4) Conference call on a project

5) Prepare visits for a client visiting on Wednesday

6) Prepare a final statement of work overseen on a property in Valencia.

7) Do some online networking.

8 ) Maybe grab some lunch at some stage.

And if anything else pops into my head or anyone is thinking, ” but Graham you are doing that thing for me too but I don’t see it on the list” just let me know via mail.

What’s your day looking like today?

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