Are You Owed Some Money In Spain?

I was reminded this week about the potential for anyone already living in Spain or who has sold a property in Spain to be owed some money by officialdom.

I got a call from a gestor about one of my clients from three years ago. Could I come in and pick up the excess money from the provision of funds made when she sold the property in … 2009! I misheard the amount on the phone. I thought they had told me 50 euros. When I arrived at the gestoria I was given a cheque in the name of my client for 950 euros.

Two points here. Firstly why has it taken almost three years to do the paperwork and secondly how did they manage to overestimate the costs of sale by 950 euros? Usually people get between 50 and 150 euros back depending on the largesse and skill of the notary who took the deposit. However I am sure that are millions of euros unclaimed around Spain lying in the accounts of notaries and gestors earning interest. That money may never be claimed in the cases where people have moved out of the country and cannot be contacted. My client was lucky that the gestor just happened to have my contact number. If not, the money would never ever have been returned.

Enough to buy a bottle of Spanish wine
Enough to buy a bottle of Spanish wine?

How to check if you are owed some money.

Take a copy of your deeds to the Notary’s office and ask them if you haven’t heard anything back from the sale or purchase of your property within four months or so. They may refer you to the gestors, the office that does the legwork for the Notary but you should be able to track down your money. If you bought through me, remind me to check up for you. You may be surprised.

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  1. A wonder anyway they got that money back. Nowadays it is more often people get billed more afterwards. Scandalous by the way that you need to chase them but hey it is the system, you can´t beat it.

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