You Might Have Missed This, Spain is Different 6

If you are not following me on Twitter @grahunt, following the Facebook page for Valencia Property, or on one of my lists, you can sign up for getting the Spain is Different magazine on this page, then you may have missed issue six of Spain is Different.

Take a look at the latest issue with stories about the World’s first foldable electric car (Made in Spain), all about visiting a world of silence and darkness at the caves in Castell√≥n, a guest post about why you should get a survey done on a property in Spain, skiing in the Pyrenees, one town coping with a huge wodge of cash coming in thanks to the lottery (Apart from one guy), barlife in Granada, a hint of corruption, the story of a Facebook page with 72000 people on it disappearing and more including me really annoying a Flamenco dancer by suggesting that Flamenco does not equal Spain.

We also have a competition to win three signed copies of Laptop Entrepreneur where all you have to do is share links to Facebook, Twitter and Google plus and you get extra brownie points for sharing elsewhere. Find out more by taking a look at the latest issue of Spain is Different, we are up to number six. You can find all previous issues at this page

Spain is Different Issue Six
Spain is Different Issue Six

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