The Latest Spain is Different and a Couple of Houses For Sale

Spain is Different Magazine Issue 7 is out now on general release now with huge bonus downloads. I have been told this issue is the best yet. Hopefully you will like it There is also a property version here with an extra couple of pages at the end showing some properties that are available too.

So what do you get this time?

  • Information on me being a total media whore ;-)
  • Why you have to love Athletic Bilbao
  • Five Minutes of Fame in the Telegraph
  • A call For photos
  • Surfers getting fined for surfing
  • A photo essay on the Guggenheim in Bilbao
  • Australian Aboriginal Art in Valencia
  • Or The Bull Kills You
  • The origins of the Spanish Civil War
  • The Process of Producing the Magazine

and a whole lot more

And just as an extra in the property supplement more news on NIE numbers, repossessed properties, tax issues and some reduced price properties.

And remember to enter the competition to win a signed copy of Laptop Entrepreneur. Your feedback would be welcome as always on There are also a couple of properties that have come in during the last few days. They are still not up on Valencia Property but that should happen in the next couple of days. The first is a bank repo flat in Valencia, (you can actually see it in the magazine plus property issue) Just 52000 a five minute walk from the beach in Valencia, with three/four bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Needs total modernisation which should cost around 20-25000 Euros. [caption id="attachment_3147" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Valencia Beach Flat For Sale"]Valencia Beach Flat For Sale[/caption] The next is a lovely place in the mountains near Olocau. It has two separate parts, an upstairs with two bedrooms, previously three, a bathroom, large open plan living room and kitchen and a huge covered terrace with mountain views. Downstairs there are two large rooms, one of which is currently used as a therapy centre and gym, and a bathroom. There are roughly 2300m2 of land with lots of fruit trees and a garage. Space for a pool and more. It has mains electric, water, telephone and internet. [caption id="attachment_3139" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="House for sale in Olocau. Living Room"]House for sale in Olocau[/caption] [gallery link="file" columns="2"]
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