Why A Spanish Property Sells Quickly

Last week I had a situation that even surprised me. I try to get Valencia Property and Spanish properties that are extremely salable. Sometimes this means that the speed of the movement in the market can surprise even the quickest of clients. On Sunday last week I went to take pictures of a property in Valencia. It was an apartment in Valencia that was large, with good views at a very decent price. The owner had placed it at 125000 Euros for an apartment with lift, halfway between the beach and the city centre in a nice area. (You can see it here) Now as you can see it is nothing to write home about in the aesthetic sense but it does the job and per square metre the price is very good. On Wednesday I got a call from a client that wanted to place the deposit on the property sight unseen having just looked at the photos. Unfortunately I had to tell the client that the owner had just phoned me the day before to inform me that the property had been sold at asking price and a deposit had been lodged. Cue me phoning the client back to inform him of the bad news. So what reasons are there for a property selling quickly in the Spanish Property market? The initial simple answer is price of course. If the price is right the property sells. However within this simple conclusion a myriad of other considerations have to be looked at. What makes a property the right price? At this point we can make a list that should allow you to price a property competitively if you are selling a property in Valencia or any other area.
  1. Location: Does the property have anything to recommend it from a location point of view? Is it well communicated by metro, bus or bike lanes? Is it near to a landmark? Is there a large employer nearby looking to take on staff or expanding? Is there a gym or a large park for children nearby? Is it near to an area of outstanding natural beauty or does it have views overlooking that area?
  2. Features: Is the property unique in the way it looks? Obviously this is not a possibility with an apartment compared with the other apartments in a block but the interior design may help. Are there special lifestyle features that people are looking for such as a jacuzzi, huge terrace, double garage space in the city or triple glazing in city flats?
  3. Amenities: Does the local area have the shops, pavement cafes, restaurants, gyms, walks, cultural events and more that people associate with a Spanish lifestyle?
  4. Quality: Is the property extremely well built compared with the other local properties that are on the market? Has it got thick walls, special insulation properties, hot water from solar panels, water softening reverse osmosis system or even just a high quality and efficient boiler so that heating bills are reduced year on year?
  5. Comparisons: It is often said in life that comparisons are odious but there is a principle of influence that people will always compare something with something else. This may mean that by reducing the price people spot a bargain (Even if it is not, see below about bank repossessions). It may mean that the buyer will compare with other properties in the local area, after all a square metre is a square metre wherever it is, but especially when considering apartment prices. It may just mean you say look at how sunny my property is compared with the North facing one across the street.
  6. That special something: There is often a "je ne sais quoi" quality about properties that sell. They just give a feeling when you walk into them that pleases the buying client. It may be the light, it may be the space, it may be the whole package and feel, but it is never the dishes piled in the sink waiting to be done.
All of these features are what go into making the price the key factor. If the property is a steaming pile of elephant dung then the fact that a bank has priced it at 50% below their previous asking price does still not make it a bargain. It remains a steaming pile of elephant dung with a lower price tag (I believe there is a saying about something that cannot be polished :-)) There is always the possibility that somebody somewhere is looking for fertiliser but I will just pass on those thankyou and so should you. So why did I write this post? Simply put the properties on Valencia Property have passed the tests above and offer something of value. They may be absurdly well priced, have that je ne sais quoi, be fantastically located, offer light in abundance, have great outside space, be on the edge of a national park with mountain views to die for or even simply overlook the beach, but they all offer something to somebody, somewhere. And every buyer is different in what they want and are looking for. What you will not find is unrealistically overpriced, idenitkit rubbish from a developer described as being 5 minutes the beach when you would need a helicopter and clear airspace to actually get close to that time. [caption id="attachment_3304" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Valencia Apartment Sold In Two Days"]Valencia Apartment Sold In Two Days[/caption]
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