Spain Is Different Issue 20 – Spread Some Positivity About Spain

After a hiatus we are back with our summer special. Some actual positive news out of Spain and a few stories you may have missed under the radar because it seems that only bad news sells.

So Spain is Different 20 can be seen here with stories including:

1) If Not France, Why Not Spain?
2) A Tourist Visit To Aragón
3) The A-Z of Seville
4) Another Day In Paradise. Out and About in Asturias
5) All About “Apartamento” Magazine
6) News About A Vaccine For Your Dogs
7) Piss Take of The Week. Paco Camps Giving Courses on Social Responsibility for Politicians
8 ) A Slice of Valley Living Gran Canaria Style

And a whole lot more.

Take a look at the magazine and share it with everyone you know.

This is what the new Spanish Property Magazine will look like when out.

The New Spanish Property Magazine
The New Spanish Property Magazine

PS The next issue of Spain Is Different will be out in the middle or at the end of August as I am going on holiday again so enjoy this one.

One thought on “Spain Is Different Issue 20 – Spread Some Positivity About Spain

  1. I’ve been in Spain a few times already, mostly for business purposes, and I have to say it’s quite a wonderful country to buy a property in for some quality vacation time. As well as Portugal, an amazing sun bathed country 😉

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