iPad Mini Anyone? The Spanish Property Magazine is Ready

Spanish Property Magazine for the iPad Mini
Spanish Property Magazine for the iPad Mini

Well then, Apple has brought out a new iPad. It’s a little smaller and a lot lighter so you can read it in bed and when you fall asleep and drop it on your nose it won’t get broken. (Your nose that is, although your iPad may slide off the bed and crash in pieces on the tiled floor if you aren’t careful)

So what does this mean for the Spanish Property Magazine? Nothing whatsoever to tell the truth.

The Spanish Property Magazine for the iPad is also the Spanish Property Magazine for the mini iPad.

No changes required, no tweaking of the code, nothing. it just works. The first iPad Magazine about Spain and Spanish Property continues to be the reference point for presenting the best properties in Spain in the most vanguardish way. The little mini me version of the iPad is going to be a huge success, like it or not, and this means that there are going to be a lot more people able to download the Magazine and enjoy it.

So, will you be enjoying the Magazine on the normal iPad, 1,2,3 or 4, its mini me little brother or will you still be missing out? If you are one of the 100 Million owners of an iPad, (that’s not actually true because there are only 99,999,998 owners because in this household we have 3, a long story but I got number one, we got given number 2 and I bought number 3 relegating number 1 to games machine for the kids, no number 4 is on the horizon… yet)

So I have a little prize for people today. The first person to send me a photo of themselves with their iPad mini with the magazine on the screen will not only be featured in the next issue of the magazine but also you will get a free complementary 12 month subscription code to get all that Spanish Property goodness all year for nothing, nada, zilch and zero.

Who will be the first to get their free 12 month subscription? Wait and see or just get on and do it, it could be you.

To download your copy of the Spanish Magazine for the iPad go to this link only on your iPad or mini me iPad.

(With thanks to @ed_dale for the nose story)