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If you live in certain areas of Glasgow and are a middle aged male I would get out quickly. The latest report about life expectancy in the World shows that men in certain areas of Glasgow have a life expectancy of around 55 years old. Spain meanwhile has the highest life expectancy in Europe and even more importantly the highest healthy life expectancy.

As posted in the report and quoted in the Guardian

“They may be out of work and struggling with financial disaster, but the Spanish have the highest healthy life expectancy in Europe – and beat Australia, Canada, Norway and the USA as well.

Spain has an excellent healthcare system, ranked seventh in 2000 on the only occasion the World Health Organisation has compiled a league table. The UK was 18th. But it is not just the structures or even the skills of the doctors that matter. It is also the state of health of the people who arrive in the clinics.”

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The question has to be why Spain has the highest life expectancy in the report. Suggestions include the prevalence of fresh fruit and vegetables in the diet including a lot of salad vegetables, the climate of course, lots of oily fish is eaten and the reticence to eat junk food with families preferring to sit down together to eat food prepared n the home. Some of the strange things that don’t tend to tally though include the fact that Spain has one of the highest incidences of smoking in Europe, alcohol consumption is higher than many other countries but seems to be more spread out and the incidence of poverty is growing too which is often an indicator for bad health.

Could it be that living in a benign climate is a bigger factor than previously thought? (Said Graham looking out of the window at the pouring rain 😉) Or could it be that a more relaxed pace of life where people don’t rush around so much and don’t see their work as what identifies them means that there is less stress and that stress is a bigger killer than previously thought?

If you are thinking of moving to Spain for the quality of your life, don’t hesitate. Get in touch and we will help you take the first steps towards a much healthier lifestyle.

Meanwhile the British Consulate in Alicante are going on a tour to inform people in the Valencia community about their rights and the health system in Spain. Take a look here.

Lifestyle in Spain
Lifestyle in Spain

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