100 Reasons To Move To Spain

100 Reasons to Move to Spain A couple of years ago I did a video series which was very well received called 100 Tips For People Thinking of Moving To Spain (catchy title eh?) well my summer project for this year is another 100 video series and it is going to be slightly different. This time it is called "100 Reasons to Move to Spain" and it will be different by the fact that the video ideas are going to be crowdsourced and this time you won't see my ugly mug on every video. I may be on a lot of them but I will be inviting people to make videos about each subject in their areas when relevant. So if someone says "you just have to see Segovia" then I am not going to travel to Segovia to make a two minute video about why. I will get somebody local to do it and convince me and more importantly everyone else too. The videos will be featured on the Houses For Sale in Spain blog, the new Spanish Property blog, in the Spanish Property Magazine and shared by a wide range of writers and bloggers about Spain. There are easy subjects and obvious ones that will come to mind and there are more obscure things that people are less likely to know about. The ideas As many of you will already know as I may have mentioned it just a few times, I set up a group on Facebook affectionately called WABAS (Writers and Bloggers About Spain). Now within that group we have a Catalan mafia but in general people stick to the script of this being about Spain and share good, bad and weird stories about Spain while writing about it too. Currently Catlunya remains part of spain so I am open to suggestions as to things that should be in there from Catalunya of course. Many of the WABAS members will be contributing to this project, even if they don't know it yet :-). So expect an eclectic mix of videos, in length, style, quality and focus. The videos will be released from the start of June for a period of 200 days, one every couple of days. This should provide answers to many people as to why it is a good idea to relocate to Spain, we all know that there are negative reasons too but here we want to contribute to some positivity about the country. If you would like to be featured in the video series and think you have a good reason just send me a mail to SpanishPropertyMagazine@gmail.com and we will take a look at what you might be able to do.

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