The Spanish Energy Efficiency Certificate

[caption id="attachment_3735" align="aligncenter" width="680"]EECinSpainCertificate EECinSpainCertificate[/caption] This is the last week where you do not need an Energy Efficiency Certificate (EEC) to sell or long term rent your house in Spain. If you haven't got one then you need to get one, no excuses, no "well, the dog ate it" and big fines for those who don't in theory. What does this mean for buyers and sellers in Spain? Let's look at the facts and nothing more.


1) You need to get one now. I have a deal with an architect's collective to give the best possible service to my clients regarding speed and price so get in touch now on and I will put you in touch with them. Why a collective? Well many architects will be snowed under doing work for banks and developers from now until the end of time as there are over 2 million properties for sale and every single one of them requires an EEC. Relying on one person may mean having to wait a long time. 2) Did I mention you need to get one now? If you don't the notary cannot sign off the property to the buyer. ie the property cannot be sold! 3) If you are a bank you have a problem. So many properties on your books and each one needing an EEC before it can be sold. Ouch! Another big cost.


If you are going to rent out your property for more than four months at a time then you need to get an energy certificate. However if it is already rented then you do not need to get one until your tenant moves out and another moves in. Short term rentals do not require the energy certificate presumably because electric and gas usage are included in the price.


1) You will have an idea of the energy efficiency of the house you are buying. Of course this doesn't mean that anything will change in your purchase decision as you buy on feel, views and facilities. However at least you will know what needs doing to make your property more energy efficient. 2) Don't worry about a rating of D for example. This is not like a fridge freezer where it is difficult to buy one that is not A rated or maybe even triple A rated. Most houses will be in the C-D rating band. What does that mean? Not much really. Any house that is above a C must be really well insulated, facing the right direction and have the advantage of efficient heating and cooling systems. Others will have to pay more every year to keep the house warm or cool. 3) The certificate has a duration of ten years so if you buy a place with a certificate, which you will now have to, and you intend to rent out the property then you already have the certificate and do not need to pay out again. 4) The EEC should give you peace of mind regarding certain aspects of the house. It may raise worries about others but, hey, what's a letter among friends. Do you detect a tone of sarcasm here? Well maybe. This certification process in my opinion is simply jobs for the boys. Only certain professionals can give them out and as those professionals are largely architects who have been severely hit by the downturn in construction in the last five years. This is a sop to their professional association from the government in order to keep them sweet (Despite this the system is in place in other European countries. The communication and implementation of it in Spain has been lacking in my opinion). Unfortunately my opinion of it means diddly squat. If you are selling or renting a property you need to have a certificate so get used to the idea and order it now. Of course we can arrange it for you with a qualified and competent professional collective. Just don't believe all the spam you might be getting in your email inbox about it (I am getting loads)
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