Preparing to Move to Spain.

The British Embassy has just released a video about buying property in Spain. It starts off with a lot of stereotypical images of Spain then takes a look at people's attitudes towards buying in Spain through interviews with those attending the Place in The Sun exhibition a couple of months ago. There is one clear thread running through the interviews. Take a look. Did you guess it? Of course you did. A total lack of planning and preparation. Luckily there is help at hand. Here are just some resources for you to get prepared and ready for your move to Spain. 1) My YouTube channel featuring the 100 Tips for People Moving to Spain playlist and the developing new 100 Reasons to Live in Spain playlist 2) The Writers and Bloggers About Spain Pinterest board where you will find loads of articles about Spain by people who live here, know it and write about it. 3) The Writers and Bloggers Twitter List where those same writers Tweet about what is going on in Spain. 4) The Spanish Property Magazine for iPad. One year and twelve issues old, the reference point in new media production about Spain and Property in Spain. There is a whole lot more too but that's just a start. For more information contact me through Twitter or by mailing me on And by the way here is the seventh video in the 100 Reasons to Live in Spain series [caption id="attachment_3761" align="aligncenter" width="700"]El Delfin Verde In Toroella de Montgri El Delfin Verde In Toroella de Montgri[/caption]
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