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Give Yourself A Life You Don’t Want To Escape From

We are so lucky here but many of us are not here through an accident of birth, through family connections or because life has just happened to us. “Lifestyle Design” is a reality for many of us and this week I will be introducing you to yet another new business being started by a friend here after giving up that Rat Race that is the world of finance in the UK. 

If you have never considered Lifestyle Design then you have never heard of Tim Ferriss I assume. We don’t have to live where we were born. We don’t have to get a job with a clock as a reward for 40 years service at the end and we don’t have to put off our leisure time until we retire. We should be using our skills and knowledge and designing our life so that we don’t just spend all year in our cubicle dreaming of a couple of weeks in Spain. How about a couple of weeks heading back to our previous home and spending fifty weeks a year where we have designed our life to be? 

How can we do that? Planning of course. Plan your future now and make a better life in a better place a part of that. As mentioned in a previous post here the numbers of people now opting out of the bubble that is London is growing and they are opting into a more relaxed style of life. 


life in Spain
Give Yourself a Life
If you want to get out of the keeping up with the Jones’ lifestyle and live a more balanced life why not take a look at the properties available on our website and start thinking about how you could be living the good life here in Valencia rather than slaving away trying to make ends meet in the most expensive countries in Europe. Is there a way to run a business remotely? Can you walk away using the equity in your property because of the huge bubble in prices in certain areas of Northern Europe? Can you live mortgage free by the side of the Mediterranean and then plan your life accordingly? Get thinking. 

do something your future self will thank you for
do something your future self will thank you for