Why Should I Live in Spain?

Spain!  Go on, admit it, the name alone evoked something in your mind when you read it didn't it.  What was it for you?  There are very different visions in mind now for different people. From the traditional stereotypical views of flamenco, bulls, white horses, sherry, red wine, and paella to the more recent ideas of concrete jungles, Blackpool in the sun, lager louts, unbridled corruption, football, a financial crisis and strange fiestas with little or no explanation. But Spain is much more than snapshots in our imagination, footnotes in the news or an excuse for unbridled hedonism. As talk in the UK moves towards three months of will they won't they Brexit, a collective flagellation of epic proportions, talk in Spain moves to... well it doesn't move... it just carries on; friends, family, sports, the weekend, leisure, work and what's new to do. Spain you see is just moving forward, bit by bit, small step by small step and for those immigrants living and working here, an estimated one million Brits for example, we just look around us and more often than not, smile. All is not rosy in the garden, far from it, but Span shows that a simpler, less competitive, less "Hunger Games" style society can exist.   [caption width="700" align="aligncenter"]Valencia Property in the Cabanyal Valencia Property in the Cabanyal[/caption]  So if you are thinking of Brexit, if you are wondering what you will be missing if Europe is no longer open to you what will you potentially be missing? And why would you want to be here? The first reason people come to Spain is generally the environment around you.  Spain is lucky. Those of us who live here are even luckier. We live in a place with an amazing climate, landscapes to die for, away from most natural disaster zones, with few natural predators and space... lots of it. Spain is not a country that is even near full. We only have two cities of over 1 million people. Quality of life is excellent and community spirit is not lost even in those two great cities of Madrid and Barcelona. The cities are compact as people live cheek by jowl in apartments generally meaning you are never far from something to do and someone to speak to (and slanging matches overheard from those surrounding your cheeks with their jowls) But once you get out of the cities you are in farmland, wilderness, natural beauty of a variety not seen in many countries in the World. From the green forests of the north of Spain to the arid deserts of the south, passing through majestic mountain ranges and scores of “lost in time” stone villages.  [caption width="700" align="aligncenter"]bioparc in valencia bioparc in valencia[/caption]  Spain is variety.  Take away the overdeveloped coastal strip in certain areas and within 5km of the Mediterranean you are in rising landscapes as you head towards the infinite variety of central Spain.  Spain is also history, lots of history. From the ancient Roman and Visigothic remains that dot the country where you can find yourself alone staring at amazing art that very few people ever see compared with the more visited remains seen in many other countries, to the Conquistadores in Extremadura, the Casas de Los Indianos in Asturias and Galicia, the industrial heritage of the Basque Country and Catalunya and the artistic hubs of Malaga, Barcelona and Madrid from where many of the modern artistic genres grew. Cubism, Surrealism and more came from inspirational Spanish artists working through the centuries and still today the arts, through painting, sculpture, music, dance and poetry are an integral part of Spansh everyday life.   [caption width="700" align="aligncenter"]the essential ten in valencia the essential ten in valencia [/caption]  But there is no work right? True, and not so true. Many, many people come to live and work in Spain because it would just be rude not to. When you can work from anywhere as is the case in many professions throughout the world now why wouldn't you live in a "better" place?  Whether it is better because of price, location, climate or conditions in your work it doesn't really matter. As long as communications in terms of Internet and transport remain fast and plentiful then you have the opportunity to design your life about what you want it to be. You are not tied down to the local factory, the family ties that bind you or where there is work because there is work everywhere to a greater or lesser extent. If at the same time you can reduce your cost of living base (see our article here comparing London and Valencia for example) then maybe you don't even have to work those 40 hours a week in a cubicle and maybe you don't have to do the side hustles that you invariably have to investigate to make ends meet as prices move out of your reach and wages and job security move lower as they are eaten away by inflation. Maybe your side hustles can be based on your interests and are enough to get you by.   [caption width="700" align="aligncenter"]the Kiss.  calle de los Colores the Kiss. calle de los Colores[/caption]  We are in a new paradigm now. The old certainties of manufacturing, jobs for life and physical location have gone, probably forever. Robots, countries with a cheaper cost base for multinational corporations to avoid tax in and the Internet have taken away those cities that rely on one manufacturing plant for survival. If you no longer need to be in a physical location doesn't it make sense to try and upgrade your environment to a better way of life? Income is not the paramount determinate of life now, relative value of the income you have is much more relevant. Why earn double what you could earn elsewhere if the lifestyle there costs three times as much? You could be in Spain instead enjoying your life. So tell us, what does Spain evoke for you and when are you coming to join us?  To know more follow me on Twitter @grahunt or mail us information@valencia-property.com and tell us what you are looking for. We can help you out. 
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