10 Things To Love About Naquera

There are many places that we love in and around Valencia, too many to list of course, but sometimes it's an idea to emphasise what there is to love about a place. Today it is the turn of Naquera to the North West of Valencia just 25 minutes from the airport, half an hour from the city centre and just twenty minutes from a selection of international schools. Paying For A Gorgeous View in Naquera
Paying For A Gorgeous View in Naquera
So what makes us love Naquera? Here are just ten things. 1) It's in the Sierra Calderona National Park which is a mountainous area to the North West of the city that affords it lovely views over the coastal plain and the city. When you get into Naquera you are already 212m above sea level. 2) It has the most fantastic barbecued meat restaurant called El Pastoret. The daily menu is a hefty 29 Euros but you won't come away disappointed. 3) The views are stunning from most parts of the town and the estates that are around it, most of which overlook the town. 4) Property is cheap and there are plenty of different types. We have apartments in Naquera for modernisation at ridiculously low prices. Fully furnished and 28k for anyone? We can also find you some of the Palaces that lead out of the town on the leafy avenue that meanders towards Serra. Views From An Apartment in Naquera at 33000 Euros
Views From An Apartment in Naquera at 33000 Euros
5) The walks are fantastic. As the area is in the mountains and near to the coast the walks you can find in the area are excellent and afford you lovely views at every corner. 6) It's a small town and therefore manageable in size with a population of 6146. You can walk from one end of town to the other in a little over ten minutes and within that space you have plenty of shops, bars and restaurants to satisfy you. There is even a large supermarket on the edge of town near to the only eyesores in the area of some unfinished apartments. 7) It has a road named after Barack Obama running through the village. It doesn't have a road named after Margaret Thatcher or David Cameron. 8) If you are a cyclist you are in heaven. Not only will your eyes light up as a climber all around the village but also there is a bike shop in town for keeping your machine pristine. 9) It has a Craft Beer Brewery run by an Aussie. Blue Serpent From the Ophidian Brewing Company
Blue Serpent From the Ophidian Brewing Company
10) It's fresher than the valley at night in the summer as it is higher and the breeze picks up in the afternoon often cooling it down. Traditionally, Valencian families of means built palaces in Naquera to spend the summer in the cooler climate. Take a look at more images of the Sierra Calderona around Naquera here and Contact us to know more about the area and you may also find your ideal property here. More will be added regularly Finally remember to subscribe and get more from us on an irregular basis especially when bargains appear that will sell quickly. [wysija_form id="2"] Views From A Naquera Property for 150,000 Euros
Views From A Naquera Property for 150,000 Euros
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