The New Valencia Property Community Page Is Live

Happy New Year to you all and we are back working after the Xmas break

Valencia Property Has Reopened
Valencia Property Has Reopened
And today we have news. If you are on Facebook and you have either bought or rented a place from us or are in the process of looking for a property in Valencia then we have a new Facebook community page for you. In there we will be sharing what's on in Valencia, images and videos along with news from the city and you can chat with others who have made the move here or are looking to do so. The Valencia Property Community Page
The Valencia Property Community Page
We will be also sharing our community events as we move on through the year and we will have access to Q+A sessions about living and working in Valencia for you all. So if you are looking at moving to Valencia and want to keep up to date with what is happening in the city with a group of like minded and interested people then make a request to join us. Always Half Full
Always Half Full
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