Coming to Valencia in 2017?

We have an average of 80 years on this Earth and of those we spend around 15 in school, 4 doing pointless degrees to be able to flip burgers from a standpoint of knowledge of ancient Roman runes, 20 sleeping, 10 years eating yadda yadda yadda... After the 15 interminable years trying to change someone's mind on the internet (Hasn't worked yet, has it?) and the time you have to spend working you don't have much time left to actually enjoy yourself do you? You know what it's like when you are in the middle of winter, the days are dark, even when it gets sunny for a few minutes it's cold, bitterly so, and it's utterly and depressingly miserable. You know don't you? I give you Valencia! Coming to Valencia in 2017
Coming to Valencia in 2017
Now not everything is great here admittedly, there are issues with a rainy month we had once back in December, oranges are getting blown off trees by a few windy days and Valencia football club are an absolute mess at the moment but apart from that.... I am joking of course. If your life works in another place then congrats, however you might find out that your life works just as well or even better in this place. For those that can work from anywhere, those who are looking for a safe and vibrant place to bring up their kids, those that value connection and friendship more than monetary hamster wheels then Valencia is a great place to live. Get in touch below and let us know how we can hep you to find your ideal place near to the third biggest city in Spain. Check out the properties here, read our blog here and see the day to day on Twitter here. And remember, if you are looking to move here the Valencia Property community is here for you. [wysija_form id="2"] do-something-today-that-your-future-self-will-thank-you-for
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