A Story From A Valencia Property Finder

We have said before that we are not only estate agents, we spend most of our time as Valencia Property Finders for clients. This was brought into focus last week with a client who decided to use us for finding their property because they wanted to reduce the amount of time they spent looking for their ideal property. We started with a Skype conversation where we drilled down into their requirements for their property. It was a good budget for their requirements and we sent a few links to properties that we believe would suit their tastes. They made a choice of places to see and we put together an itinerary for them. This involved three agents and two properties we have on the books ourselves from our clients. The client saw the seven properties in total they wanted to see and liked most of them. Their choice was made easier by not being dragged around things they hadn't asked to see by agents who will show anything. (They actually chose a property that we had directly with the seller) Previous Post Valencia Property On Social Media And there's the problem, on a previous visit they had visited two agents whose only concern had seemed to be "what is your budget?". They were then shown properties without the required terrace, outside of the budget, with only two bedrooms or without a lift, all of which were on their "this is what we want" list. Nothing they had seen was suitable and they had wasted their visit. Coming to Valencia in 2017
Coming to Valencia in 2017

Why can we be your Valencia Property Finders?

Firstly, we have a wide network of agents and collaborating property finders offering us their best properties as they know we have one thing that they lack, purchasing clients. Secondly, we get offered properties from sellers directly as again they know we have clients who may be interested, we also run a very strict quality control programme on this so if the owner is asking a price that is out of line with the market, or the property is the wrong type for our type of client, or not in the right area, then we reject it. Thirdly, we speak the language here so we are able to contact all of the agents, owners and developers offering properties to make sure that your visit is as comprehensive as possible. Equally, we will not take you to see properties just for the sake of it. Sometimes the property you want is not currently available for various reasons i.e, must have a sea view, must be within a certain distance from a particular school etc... We preach patience in those cases and we actively search in those areas to put together an itinerary that will match your requirements and get them on the site. We often make videos for particular clients and send these videos directly to them so the client gets a full feeling of the property. We can do this for you of course. We will not tell you to come and visit if there is nothing suitable for you and if there is only one or two properties that fit the bill then we will not show you another five that you have no chance of buying. Why waste your time and ours? That would be mad. So, as usual the questions are, when are you coming over to visit us and do you want us to arrange everything for you with our extensive network in Valencia? And before you come join us at our Community Page on Facebook for getting to know what's going on in the city. [wysija_form id="2"] We Listen
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