We Are Not Lucky, This Is Lifestyle Design In Practice. You Can Do It Too

Inspired by a post on Spain Buddy by Elle Draper, "We are not lucky to live in Spain" I thought today would be a good day to ask a question, why are we lucky? When we take clients out to see properties we often get the following quotes:

"Wow, this area is gorgeous!"

"It's fantastic around here why don't more people know about it?"

"You are so lucky to have been here for 18 years!"

and so on and so on. Stroking our already possibly slightly inflated egos like this gives us a warm glow and a constant reappreciation of the area we live in, but it also contains a myth so often repeated that it sort of gnaws a bit, we are not lucky, at least most of us aren't, it was a conscious decision to be here. This is actually Lifestyle Design in action. And to stay here requires a plan, action and oftentimes damn hard work!

Choose Life

Let's look at Elle's points one by one.

We Chose To Live Here

You don't just arrive in Valencia by accident when you are born in Widnes. It takes time, application and at least a bit of planning. It was a conscious decision based on education, life circumstances, family and hundreds of other factors meaning that moving here made sense. The lovely thing is that the majority of Valencia Property clients have now come to the same conclusion, they are not looking to buy in Valencia by accident, it's a conscious choice and more often than not a lifestyle choice.

We Worked Hard To Get Here And Stay Here

You don't stay in a place for the best part of two decades without doing some work unless you are a lottery winner (And then you would probably get itchy feet if you didn't actually do anything every day). Projects come and go, things work, things fail and an idea may prove to be the best or worst thing you have ever done, but in the end most people living here work hard but enjoy the location they have chosen to work because it is, and I hate this word, "nice". If you can choose to live almost anywhere why choose a dump?

We Are Not Lucky With The Weather

Again Spain just happens to have a fantastic climate, it's on the Med after all. Given a choice of two equal options and one of them has the climate of Aberdeen and the other Valencia then 90% plus of the people would probably choose the latter. As Trainspotting is in Vogue again at the moment to paraphrase "I chose something different". Choose Life (Just don't do the copious quantities of drugs in the original film). Oh, and when it rains here, it pours! It just doesn't do it that often.

We Are Not Lucky To Enjoy Good Health

As pointed out by Elle in her article, when you live a healthier lifestyle you tend to be healthier, good food, plenty of Vitamin D from the sunshine to stop depression, a more outdoor lifestyle and more tend to result in better outcomes. We are not all California beach bum bodies by all means but just healthier, less pollution, less traffic, less stress, less haste.

We Are Not Lucky To Have Amazing Food

Spain is lucky in this sense as things tend to grow here and grow quite well. Oranges, almonds, lemons and olives grow like weeds in this area. Salad vegetables, all types of fruits, vegetables and even rice grow here quite easily and the farmers look after their land and produce. It cannot be called organic mostly, although many people just pick what grows naturally and easily in their gardens, but it works. And when you are surrounded by abundance of fresh foods then you tend to eat them more often. Even the menus of the day in the bars tend towards using fresh ingredients that are in season meaning they are quite healthy.

We Are Not Lucky To Work For Ourselves

For business owners in Spain you can easily get bogged down in the minutiae of day to day bureaucracy but you need to keep focussed on the goal because nobody is going to open their arms and give you a job when you come here unless you speak really good Spanish, have specialised knowledge about something and provide a skill that is not easily found here. If you do that then why not set up your own business rather than working for someone else? Having a business is a choice and it can easily take over your life, but again, it's a choice we make. That's not luck, that's design.

We Are Not Lucky To Have a Villa With a Pool

In fact I don't have one, I chose not to. You can buy one though for less than the cost of a parking space in London, for the price of some season tickets on overcrowded trains or for half price or less of a Barratt Homes box designed to suck away at your life force jammed into a postage stamp space in some nondescript suburb of a commuter town. It's a choice and it costs time and a bit of money but it's not a millionaire's playground thing, it's normal because it gets hot.

We Are Not Lucky To Be Stress Free

Spain is stressful, at times infuriatingly so, at times frustrating and at times banging your head against a brick wall stressful. I wouldn't have it any other way. Consider it "Eustress", which is defined as a positive constraint. Learn to cope with it and it can be fun, see my "17 worst things about living in Spain" post here. I am still working on number one! The stress of a long commute, of making enough to reach the end of the month with normal jobs, of keeping a boss happy, of getting things done quickly, of ultra consumerism and more is a different type of stress I choose to avoid. I chose something else. (Just not this)

So finally, thanks Elle for a great post and for getting me thinking. Thanks to you for reading this and thanks to all our clients past and future who have chosen something else. Do You Want To Live in Valencia? Choose Life. We will help you.


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