Excellently Modernised Property Near To Ruzafa for 117000 Euros

Why Does Valencia Property Not Show You Twenty Options To Buy?

When you are looking for your personal Valencia Property your needs, requirements and wants are exclusive to you. However these aspects of your property purchase are also likely to be very similar to others who want to buy their own Valencia Property. Everybody wants good value, everybody wants a decent area and everybody wants to see lots of properties that match their search. However, this is not always possible of course because there may not be masses of properties that suit your requirements.

  • You want that typical Valencian mosaic floor in really good condition? There may be one or two properties available every month, (or not).

  • You want a large terrace in Ruzafa on a quiet street? There may be one every month or two and it will sell really, really quickly. You need to be ready to go.

  • You want an apartment overlooking the beach in Valencia city? There are a very limited number of them and when they come up for sale you have to be prepared to pay a premium compared with places without a beach view and again maybe one a month will appear and they sell quickly.
Fantastic Ribarroja House For Sale 326,000 Euros
Fantastic Ribarroja House For Sale 326,000 Euros (Click Image To View)

Over the last few weeks we have had many clients who have been able to find their own personal favourite Valencia Property because of the work we have done with them before their visit to narrow down the choices to something that suits them and because what they want actually exists. Sometimes what a client wants doesn’t exist, either at the moment or in general, (it just isn’t here). Unfortunately we cannot do anything about that.

What we can do is to try and match individual properties to individual requirements and that is what we are being rather successful doing due to our knowledge of the market, knowledge of the areas of the city and outskirts and our ability to source and find excellent property that will tick the majority of the boxes that our clients request.

What we cannot do is magic up twenty or thirty properties for our clients to choose from that will match a long list of requirements. The longer the list of requirements you have then the shorter the pool of available properties that match those demands. That’s simple logic.

When we arrange viewings for you we can often do five or six in an afternoon or morning. However we will not arrange five or six every morning for three or four days for various reasons:

  • We choose the best places for you so if we then do another set of viewings and then even a third day of viewings we are getting to the scraping of the barrel oftentimes because of the fact that there are only a handful that match your requirements, sometimes fewer. It is often better for clients who have not found what they want on the first visit to wait and we will find them their perfect place. We often film property videos especially for clients because we know exactly what they want from their first visit and they are ready to deposit on a property with a full video walkthrough of both the property and the area made by us especially for them. They trust us to keep them in mind and find them the perfect place

  • Once you see more than the properties we have chosen together with you by working with you on your requirements beforehand you become less likely to make a choice. On property, just like anything else in life, less is often more. A client viewing 50 properties with ten different agents over a period of a week is much less likely to buy than a supertargetted client looking at a handpicked selection of properties that we have been working on with them for weeks or months prior to their visit. (That’s what we do) And on that point remember we work as property finders so you don’t need to waste your time being taken to see things you will obviously have no interest in by an agency that hasn’t been listening to your requirements beforehand and working with you closely to get the best selection of property possible.

  • Time! Your time is valuable, our time is valuable and the owners of properties only want people visiting who have a chance of purchasing their properties. Why get taken to places that match few of your requirements just because it is one an agent has on their books? We will sort the wheat from the chaff for you and make sure you make the most of your time on your Valencia Property search.


Excellently Modernised Property Near To Ruzafa for 117000 Euros
Excellently Modernised Property Near To Ruzafa for 117000 Euros (Click Image to View)

So before you come over have lots of contact with us through email, on Skype, on Twitter and more. Talk with us on the Valencia Property Facebook Page. Let us work together to find you a select set of properties that match your requirements. We have our own properties on the website but we also know what the majority of good agents in Valencia and around have on their books and we can arrange those visits for you. Let us be your buying agent in Valencia and get better attention. By all means send us links to properties you find online too, we often know them and can tell you why they will or will not be good matches to your requirements, remember we know the city and surroundings pretty intimately.

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