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The First Quarter of 2017 In Valencia Property, Brexit, Trump and Lifestyle

The First Quarter of 2017 In Valencia Property –

Brexit, Trump and Lifestyle

It may seem strange to some as it is often said that uncertainty is the enemy of markets but it has been a hugely successful first quarter of the year, not only for us but also for most agents dealing with foreign clients in the first quarter of 2017 despite the uncertainty. Our experience here at Valencia Property has been amazing with the largest number of completed transactions in a quarter since 2003.

So with all that uncertainty that is happening in the World why is Valencia Property selling?

The vast majority of our clients come from English speaking countries with the majority of those coming from the UK. As the UK seems to have taken leave of its senses over the last year there are many people who have had enough and are saying this is the time to get out. They want nothing to do with the petty nationalistic, isolationist and xenophobic reality that seems to comprise a lot of day to day life in a country “they no longer recognise“. We also have people whose companies rely on the certainties of European Union membership to prosper so they are looking to set up a base outside of the UK where uncertainty reigns and a bunch of chancers with no idea of where they are going are now steering the ship.


Brexit Blues?

I like the so called “Remainers“, they are realists, internationalists and have liberal values and are not closet racists let out of their holes now they have been given the freedom to express bile because of a non binding referendum result. Our clients tend to be “nice” people. In fact we haven’t had one raving lunatic xenophobic Leave voter here yet. Equally our clients are pretty self selecting as they watch videos like the one below and maybe decide not to come and see us :-). And more importantly, our clients like Valencia; the culture, the relaxed lifestyle, the climate, the food and drink, the lack of Brexit voting nutjobs…

So we have refugees from the UK but even more than that there has been a great tendency over the last few months to have refugees from the Trumpführer. (I wrote this last year about this) Our American clients share many of the values of the “Remainers“, they are liberal, educated and totally and utterly ashamed about what their country has become. They apologise about their President in the first sentence they utter normally and let everybody know that they most certainly do not share his values, ideas, low IQ or tendency towards sexual deviancy and telling outright lies on social media. Our American clients are escaping from a country that they have never really considered to be shameful in the past, some have even mentioned that it is much, much worse than when George W became president, they were just embarrassed then, now they are ashamed and they want their money out of the country before the Trumpführer gets his extremely tiny hands on it.

The third reason people are coming here is lifestyle of course. Valencia is getting some extremely good international press at the moment with it being named the best place to live abroad by the Huff Post and one of the best places in the World to live for Digital Nomads. We know that Valencia is a great place to live, after all there is a reason we have made it our home for close on two decades now, however it is always nice to be reminded of it regularly. This video helps us to be reminded regularly too.

Now this article isn’t to start a flame war, a war of words, or even a real war, although some UK newspapers seem to have taken it upon themselves to try to do that. It’s not written to make you jealous of our climate, culture, entertainment, lifestyle and more. It’s just an overview of the property market in Valencia in the first quarter of 2017. And what is the reality here?

  • There are more enquiries than at any time since the major part of the property boom.
  • There are more reservations and contracts being signed by foreign clients than at any time since 2003.
  • There are more visits from potential purchasers than at any stage since the mid 2000’s.
  • The majority are going for apartments in Valencia itself as the city offers an enviable lifestyle and value for money.
  • We have property investors coming in to buy and rent apartments as they get a very decent rental return.
  • Property is still extremely affordable especially for foreign buyers who have sold up in some of the property bubbles of Northern Europe and North America.
  • Property prices are still 40-45% below peak values in 2007 but they are starting to rise.

That’s the situation as we move into the second quarter of the year, traditionally when villas for sale in Valencia start selling more quickly.

We have new staff and new property waiting to greet you here in Valencia and of course our unrivalled service will mean you are fully taken care of up to, during and beyond your purchase. We look forward to meeting up with you and helping you to find your perfect property along with all of the other “refugees” from the current madness. Upgrade your lifestyle by moving to Valencia.

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