Relax on an Albufera Boat Trip From El Palmar

Here Comes The Summer In Valencia

This weekend marks the longest day and it’s when summer really kicks off here in Valencia. The kids get off school for 10 weeks, yes, count them, 10 (ten) weeks, (to use the teleprinter confirmation style), and the beach bars and pavement cafes under huge parasols are now kicking with people taking advantage of the shade afforded and the Mojitos and beers that flow.
Valencia Property continues to work in the summer although we work with limitations due to access to properties at times, owners being away and, for those looking to get modernizations done, a lack of materials if ordered too late. We are working flat out in July except that visits at weekends will be conditioned by cricket games and family parties. August we will be effectively closed for the first week up until the 8th but if you cannot avoid those dates then we will see what we can do for you. Make sure to contact us well in advance.
Now it will be hot, surprise surprise, so just some notes for the many of you already booked in to see us in July and those coming in August.
1) Bring a bottle of water or two and make them cold
2) Expect time between visits at times to visit cafes and have a cold one or two.
3) Bring a hat if you are susceptible to the heat
4) Expect houses to be hot as they are closed up until we arrive
5) If the air conditioning is on then stand under it and luxuriate
6) Coffee with ice is a thing
7) You will see slushies (Granizados)
8) Expect to be tired at the end of a set of visits
9) A siesta is allowed and will refresh you massively
10) Expect to go to bed late as you will likely spend your evenings at pavement cafes and beach bars.
Relax on an Albufera Boat Trip From El Palmar
Siestas are a given and positively encouraged in the heat
Now these are soft rules for your visits to see Valencia Property but remember many of them become your lifestyle when you are here too, siestas, iced coffees, lots of water, air conditioning and trying to find a hat that suits you are things that you will become accustomed to. And don’t forget to bring your shades either. It gets bright .
Contact us for your summer visits to Valencia Property here and we look forward to seeing you.
Sun and shade at this property in Olocau for just 98,000 Euros
Sun and shade at this Valencia property in Olocau for just 98,000 Euros

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