Why Americans Should Move to Valencia

We have put in the number one reason on these pages before, escaping from the Trumpfuhrer, but there are a myriad of reasons that Americans should move to Valencia in Spain before either Florida or California or any other place often compared with Valencia and Spain. The numbers of Americans visiting and settling in and around the city is growing year on year, so much so that there is now even a "Taste of America" shop in central Valencia selling all of those home comforts that you may be missing every now or again. However today we are going to look at some of those huge numbers of reasons to move to Valencia and start enjoying your life again. Why Americans Should Move To Valencia
Why Americans Should Move To Valencia
1) The Trump Factor and that politicians in Spain are less scary. Politicians in Spain see their decisions as being incremental rather than all encompassing. What does that mean? They don't want to overturn everything you have ever done in your life by creating the conditions for a nuclear war and more importantly they don't have the ability to start one whilst tweeting at 5am. 2) Health Care Costs. Obamacare might not have been perfect and its implementation was sketchy to say the least. The simple fact is that what you have now is worse and what you have before was terrible too. You get ill and it is very likely that you will be bankrupted in the States. Spanish state healthcare is awesomely good and well organised, take a look here at the Worst Case Scenario for UK people worried about healthcare post Brexit, you can do the same. Equally if you are not eligible for State care then private healthcare costs are a small fraction of what they are in the States and it is eminently affordable. I asked an American friend and client here with a pre existing condition about their private healthcare costs and they said it is less than half of what is cost him in the States, everything is covered whereas there were many exclusions in the States and there is no deductible whereas in the States the first $10,000 he had to pay himself for any treatment. Oh and another thing, that half price of the States covers both he and his wife whereas in the States it was just him. As he stated to me:
"The big difference is that here I could actually get health insurance despite some major preexisting conditions. In the US only one company would cover me and they raised my premium by 50% every quarter "because we can" (Their response to the question of why)"
3) Safety. In Spain we are spoilt by the safety of the country. You can walk around the city of Valencia at virtually any time in any area and feel safe. According to many of our clients that have bought here their levels of anxiety have dropped amazingly since arriving as they feel safe. It is rare for there to be a shooting as very few people have guns, stabbings and muggings are rare too and generally it is just not a violent place to live. Take a look at this comparison between San Francisco and Valencia it's fun. Valencia would be even further ahead if we didn't have the corrupt scale in there and that is from years ago under the PP :-) Play around with other towns and cities too, I did Miami and New York too and they came out a lot worse than San Francisco. 4) Quality of Life. Once you have paid for your healthcare in the States there isn't much left. Here you might not earn as much, Spain is one of the worst ranked countries for work opportunities, but what you have goes a lot further. Coffees at anything from 1 Euro, beer the same, a midday lunch menu from 8 Euros, cinema for 6 euros or cheaper on special days, international orchestras and operas at reasonable prices, two first division football teams with season tickets from 190 Euros with the kids going free, public transport fees a fraction of other countries and so much more. English teachers here earn around 1500 euros per month and get by after paying their rent, bills, and transport costs but the average wage in Spain is around 2300 euros which allows you to live comfortably in all but the two largest cities Madrid and Barcelona. Valencia has a much lower cost of living than those two places, a better climate, fewer tourist hordes and as a result a much higher quality of life for a reduced price. Valencia Beach is one of the lifestyle attractions
Valencia Beach is one of the lifestyle attractions
5) Wellbeing. Europe beats the pants off the USA on virtually every metric related to wellbeing. We are less anxious, have more free time, greater holiday time, shorter work hours and more time spent with friends and family. You will notice I didn't even mention money once in that list. Your mental health and wellbeing are so much more important and if you have money either through your work, pensions, inheritance or business then living in Spain is a great boon to your health both mentally and physically. 6) Life Expectancy. Because of all the reasons in number 5 allied to the Mediterranean diet and the huge amounts of fresh, seasonal food, the fresh air and the outdoor lifestyle, Valencia is considered to have one of the best climates in the World by the World Health Organisation. Many northern europeans aspire to retire to the Mediterranean coast as it will extend their life and more importantly extend their active life. 7) Lack of Guns. The following stats are sobering if you are in the States and massively reassuring if you are in Spain. It's difficult to believe that the number of guns is not related to the numbers of murders and other violent crimes described below. Spain ranks better than the USA on every metric and within Spain Valencia ranks highly for its safety with very few murders and very little gun crime. Violent Crime Statistics USA vs Spain
Violent Crime Statistics USA vs Spain
8) Access to Culture. If you live outside the big cities on the west and east coasts in the States then international performing arts are rare. Touring companies tend to miss out the flyover States totally and local culture is limited in scope. Valencia is full of art galleries, opera houses (we have two), theatres, cinemas, gastronomy clubs, restaurants, music venues, outdoor cinemas, public sports facilities, cycle paths, poetry readings, stand up comedy venues and more. Many are put on free in the summer during the local fiestas in each and every town of the region. And yes, unfortunately in my opinion,  we even have bullfighting and bull running, like it or not. We have six or seven circuses in the city every Xmas!! 9) Outdoor Sporting Lifestyle. Possibly as a result of living in apartments where space is more limited Valencians spend a lot of time in the riverbed. you can see an article about it here, On any evening you will see thousands of joggers, nordic walkers, tai chi exponents, football games, cyclists and even Harry Potter Quidditch games (The Muggle Version) going on. Every town and village has its own sports centre which is generally modern, clean and well used. There are cycle tracks all around the city and leading out to the towns and villages around. There are gyms and private pools everywhere and you can get a gym membership from just 9 euros a month! Valencia is an active place. (Oh and there is a baseball and softball club and ground for you here too right in that riverbed) Escape to Somewhere Special, Valencia is Special
Escape to Somewhere Special, Valencia is Special
10) International Crowd. Valencia used to be a very parochial and insular place. There were very few international restaurants and Valencians were quite happy with everywhere doing paella it seems. Then over the past twenty years things changed, northern Europeans discovered it, then South Americans and North Africans and the Chinese, then people from the Indian subcontinent and Americans. No longer the hidden jewel of the Mediterranean, Valencia became internationalised and more of a melting pot allowing new restaurants, cafes and businesses to build up. Just yesterday I saw our first Thai Street Food kiosk and unfortunately two cereal bars/restaurants. I suppose not all progress is good. 11) Quitting the Rat Race. The USA is the ultimate example of the Rat Race, keeping up with the Jones's and dog eat dog. Some people claim they like it that way. Most people here disagree. Work finishes when work finishes.You don't take it home or arrive early and stay late to impress the boss. There is still a recognition that family and friends come first. 12) Better and More Nutritious Food. We have mentioned the selection of well priced restaurants and the Mediterranean diet here but where does that food come from. Valencia is surrounded by orange groves, almond plantations, olives, tiger nuts and market gardens full of tomatoes, artichokes, lettuce and a whole lot more. These all appear in the stunning central market in the city and in the other active markets all around the city and in each and every small town. Food is good, well priced and abundant and at different times of year you find a huge variety of things to try. Most of it is non GMO too which is an added bonus. 13) Affordable and Tasty Coffee. As mentioned above you can get a coffee from 1 euro in many places although more normal is 1.30-1.50. We do have Starbucks and Costa coffee unfortunately but they are largely ignored except for those searching for wifi connections and a plug for an hour or so. Ruzafa is coffee central. Go in to Bluebell Coffee, LalaLand, Celia Cruz, Ubik, Dulce de Leche or any of the hundreds of other places that do coffee and it will be better and cheaper than any Starbucks. You won't find any chains in Ruzafa, Ensanche, Botanico, the Cabanyal or Alboraya. You will find much better coffee than the frothy, sugary stuff they call coffee in Starbucks. There is a Huge Choice of Coffee in Valencia
There is a Huge Choice of Coffee in Valencia
14) Net Neutrality. A big issue in the States at the moment is that of Net Neutrality, the fact that all internet traffic is created equally and companies cannot slow down your connection or sell different packages to you at different prices (This is not true in Portugal for example) The orange buffoon in charge has given in to corporate pressure to allow you to be charged more and more for certain services on the internet. In Valencia city we have lightning fast 4G internet and cable internet virtually everywhere and free wifi in most places. This of course is wonderful for anyone making their living from the internet. Business owners, digital nomads, writers and web designers are just some of the international crowd who have made Valencia their home because of the lovely climate, low cost of living and ultra fast internet connections.  15) Quaintness and History. Spain is quaint, it has history and that history goes back a long way. We have a medieval centre in Valencia, old Arabic walls buried under the Carmen, two large forts protecting the city that were originally part of the city walls, industrial heritage, maritime history and cultural history such as the Fallas. There is so much to discover that is ancient that you may not even get into the modernity aspect such as the City of Arts and Sciences. 16) Cheap Housing. It's not as cheap as it once was, but then again nothing is, however when we compare and contrast with other places we stand up well. We have a client who has just moved down from Barcelona. She is renting a third floor, two bedroomed penthouse with a 30m2 private terrace for 600 euros ($715) a month. In Barcelona she had a 25m2 studio apartment for 925 euros. Her terrace is larger than her previous apartment! We had a client from the UK last month who bought a 90m2 apartment on the outskirts of the city with terrace for 75,000 Euros ($90,000). It was cheaper than his garage space in London. We have properties on the site from 30,000 Euros in lovely small towns like Naquera.  We have mansions for the price of London studio flats and we even have Palaces for sale that cost less than a two bedroomed flat in New York. [caption id="attachment_4941" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Sunshine and Home Comforts In Our Valencia Properties Sunshine and Home Comforts In Our Valencia Properties[/caption] 17) Climate. Valencia has a wonderful climate all year round. It got cold in December this year and down to 14ºC, (57ºF) although winter temperatures tend to be around the 17-20ºC mark (62-68ºF). Last summer the hottest days were around 35ºC (95ºF) and the average summer temperature is around 32ºC (89.6ºF) We get around 300-320 days of sunshine a year, we are a wine producing region which needs an excellent climate. You can swim in the Mediterranean Sea for around six months a year, (there are some mad people who do it all year round) we are just over an hour away from some decent skiing areas in Teruel. All in all, Valencia is T shirt weather most of the year until you acclimatise and insist on wearing big coats like the Valencians do all "winter". 18) Condo Fees. We had a client over from New York a few years ago whose Condo fee in Manhattan was $1300 per month!! That was utterly mindblowing for someone living here. We have two things you have to pay here when you own an apartment in the city, council tax (IBI) and your community fees (Condo fee) Typically council tax is between 100-500 Euros per year and the community fee will be from 10 Euros per month for apartment blocks without elevators and 30-50 Euros 19) The Invisible Man. Just to re-emphasize the first point. Our current president of the government is the invisible man. We just wish yours was too. Are you convinced? Get in touch with us and let us know when you are coming and how we can help you. Our personal MLS service will help to guide you all of the way and when you search back through our archives you will find so much more to read about our wonderful city and the areas around. We look forward to helping you. And if you still need more convincing click on the image below to find out 112 reasons to move to Valencia. [caption id="attachment_4940" align="aligncenter" width="750"]112 Reasons To Move to Valencia 112 Reasons To Move to Valencia[/caption]
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