How We Organise Your Orientation Day in Valencia

We have been asked many times for help with currency transfers, legal contracts, and a whole host of more day to day issues that people have when buying their Valencia Property. We thought it would be useful to let you know what we do with you as a client when you are here in Valencia. The following list is by no means exhaustive, we help you in so many other ways too, but it should give you an idea of why you don't need to worry about anything when buying in Valencia, we have it covered for you.  Your Orientation Day in Valencia
Your Orientation Day in Valencia
Therefore take a look at how we organise your orientation day in Valencia. You may have already chosen a property and this is the organisational part of the purchase or this may be to get you ready for purchasing so that when your ideal Valencia Property comes onto the market you will be ready to snaffle it. 
  • Introduction to a lawyer who can act on your behalf. We have various "friendly" lawyers, meaning they speak your language, are used to dealing with foreign clients and work just for you on the property purchase i.e, not for us, not for the seller and not for themselves. We can arrange a meeting time with them and leave you to organise the services that you want them to carry out. Some of those you will find below but long term the most important is the conveyancing on the property you eventually choose. 
  • Power of Attorney For NIE Number (And possibly the purchase). One of the things you need to do with the lawyer is to get all of your ducks in a row. The main thing is your NIE number, your Spanish tax number, if you do not have one. You cannot buy a property without a NIE, you can however place a deposit or reserve down on the property and the lawyer will protect your interests in this by only allowing you to do this once they give the OK through the conveyancing. In Valencia currently the process of getting a NIE number is taking approximately four to six weeks. It requires you to present yourself at the police station with the application, go back on the date of your appointment, leave and go to the bank to pay the fee for the NIE number and then return to the station to pick up the NIE. Therefore we find it easier, mostly to avoid the queues and visits six weeks apart, to give a Power Of Attorney to the lawyer to do this on your behalf as part of their services. Getting the POA usually takes about an hour depending on the queue at the notary and you will need your passport and your presence to do it.
  • Bank Account Opening. Despite online rumours, (never believe online rumours), you CAN open a bank account without a NIE number. The banks we work with allow our clients to open a non resident account and they can do it with your passport alone, you can supply your NIE number once it is granted. It is better to to have proof of income in the form of P60 or equivalent from your country and salary statements but they can be supplied later if you do not have them. The process takes just under an hour in the banks we work with as long as we have booked you in beforehand. Oftentimes, walking in off the street is not a good idea as the people in the office charged with opening accounts are usually busy with those who have an appointment. 
  • Introduction to Currencies Direct. If you are buying a property but you are from outside the Eurozone you will need to transfer your funds into your bank account in Spain to complete the purchase. Our currency partner is Currencies Direct for various reasons. Not to put too fine a point on it but your bank in your home country will invariably rip you off mercilessly. Currencies Direct have an office in Valencia opposite Ruzafa Market where Adam or Toni will welcome you, they give you a much better rate than your bank will and possibly most importantly if you open your bank account as above with La Caixa you will not be charged for receiving your funds in your account which most banks in Spain will do and you will be charged a maximum of 200 Euros for your bank drafts on purchasing compared with up to 1.5% from certain other banks. This makes a huge difference to the money arriving in your account and the charges you get when drawing down bank drafts. This usually takes about ten to fifteen minutes.
Once all the admin is done to prepare your purchase the rest depends on you and your requirements. These are some of the things we arrange for clients depending on your needs and the property you choose.
  • Orientation and Property Visits. We take you around the areas you are thinking about and/or the properties you have chosen to view. Some people require more orientation as regards the area that will most suit their requirements. As we often say it doesn't matter if the property is perfect for you if the area isn't right. First we establish the right areas, through messaging and calls prior to your visit largely, then we start to look at properties that may suit based on those requirements. 
  • Introduction to Rental Companies. Some people buy for investment purposes and want to rent the property out once the purchase has gone through. We work with various rental companies and also companies that can look after your apartment or house and make sure it is presentable and ready for you on your visits or your clients when they rent the place. Who we introduce you to will depend on your property as some rental agents work better in certain areas and others elsewhere. Also, if you are just buying to rent out long term the likelihood is that we will have somebody wanting to rent it right now as there is a shortage of rental property available throughout the city at least. 
  • School Visits. For families coming to set up here in Valencia we know the inside track on the school choices available for your children when coming to the area. We know the dirt on even the best presented schools online and off and we know generally where there is availability of spaces for your children and which schools might suit your child best, whether that means going through the international system, the private system, the bilingual system or the state system. 
  • Introduction to Spanish Builders and Bilingual Project Managers. We work with various Spanish builders who give excellent quotes to our clients as they realise we have a lot of clients who are looking to get work done and they know they are competing against other builders for work with us. They also know our clients are reliable. For you, we have project managers too who act as the conduit between the buyer of the property and the builder as our builders are local and Spanish speaking. (That's how we get good quotes from them) Many of the property purchasers are looking to modernise properties in Valencia and make their own mark. We work with you and the building company to make this process as smooth as possible. 
  • Q and A Chat. We know you will have questions after a whirlwind visit and choosing your perfect property, or potentially your perfect property if you are looking to modernise, so we sit down at the end of your day or visit and go through any questions you may have about the process of buying, what's needed from this point, the negotiation with the sellers and much more. Anything that you are not sure about can be discussed with our network of people who are specialists in their field and Graham, David, Gavin, Paul or Jess on the ground. We leave no stone unturned to make sure that your path from this point to the point of completion is as clear as possible. 
  • Extras. We have access to mortgage brokers, translators, drivers, people who will give you a tour of the city and the area you have bought in to provide you with a more detailed knowledge of the area and even introductions to online and offline social groups so you are not stuck here on your own without any help. We can even give you a rundown of the best coffee shops in your area for when you want to take advantage of free wifi, excellent capuccino and sunny or shady terraces. We go the extra mile for you. 
Remember therefore that there is much more in the background than just a property enquiry and reply. We can help you along the whole trajectory of your Valencia Property purchase. If you need to know any more just contact us and ask because I am pretty sure that there is more you want to know. And if you liked this just click on the images below to read much more interesting stuff about Valencia and Valencia Property [caption id="attachment_4985" align="aligncenter" width="750"]Ten great properties for 2018 in Valencia Ten great properties for 2018 in Valencia[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4946" align="aligncenter" width="750"]Why Alboraya Might Be Perfect For Your Valencia Property Why Alboraya Might Be Perfect For Your Valencia Property[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4940" align="aligncenter" width="750"]112 Reasons To Move to Valencia 112 Reasons To Move to Valencia[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4889" align="aligncenter" width="750"]The Seven Keys To Buying a Property in Valencia and Spain The Seven Keys To Buying a Property in Valencia and Spain[/caption]
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