Advice On Escaping the Impending Brexit Disaster

Over 20 years ago I read a book called "The Plague of The Black Debt. It was the usual "everything is going to end badly and we are all gonna die" schtick from a Libertarian "Let's all go live in the woods" perspective. The funny thing is that for once it got some things right, everything did turn out badly in 2008 but we all didn’t die, or at least we all haven't died quite yet. We are definitely older and we may be wiser although looking at the World in 2018 in many cases I doubt it. The 2008 financial crisis was huge and a Worldwide phenomena but ten years later we are going to look at something that is just pure self harm for no reason and only affects one country, let's take a look at everyone's favourite anxiety trigger, Brexit. This post is just for our UK based readers although the Schadenfreude factor may mean that readers from the other 27 EU countries may find it fun and our North American readers may find that having to escape the Trumpführer has an equivalent in Europe. Oh and also if you are a Brexiteer, look away now, we know you don't like facing reality.  Airbus and Many Others Fleeing the Country. Why don't you do likewise?
Airbus and Many Others Fleeing the Country. Why don't you do likewise?
"Oh no, not that, anything but that!" I can hear you say. However, and however much you or I might want it to go away, Brexit is coming along and everything is turning to horse manure in the UK. But it's ok, because as you have been told if you are a jobseeker, "Picking fruit is more fun than you think". So far over 130,000 jobs in the UK have been lost which are directly or indirectly attributable to Brexit, don't believe me then take a look at the spreadsheet here. (Via BrexitJobLosses So here are some reasons that you may want to get out of the UK before the inevitable economic disaster gets even more visible, that moment when people realise that Project Fear was actually Project Fact, and maybe you might want to choose this time to come and live in Valencia with us. Life could be wonderful for you in Valencia
Life could be wonderful for you in Valencia
  1. Nigel Farage. He is an absolute charlatan arsewipe, simple as. (I have been told that if I were to place my real thoughts about him here then it would be classed as NSFW)
  2. Virtually all large manufacturing businesses with European supply chains (Almost all large manufacturing businesses now have European supply chains) are threatening to pull out of the country as the realities of Brexit start to bite and the realisation of what it will do to their businesses, profits and ease of operations start to appear. Airbus, Nissan, Jaguar, in fact almost all car manufacturers and the 800,000 dependent jobs associated with carmaking in the UK have already said they are stopping investment or moving out if Brexit happens. Even Dyson with their spivvy genius, Brexit loving owner have moved jobs out of the UK already. 
  3. Most financial services companies are also looking at headquartering elsewhere; Luxembourg, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt or basically anywhere that isn’t London. Office space in those places is rising in price fast and supply is getting more limited as UK companies take up space. 
  4. As the UK is basically service industries, especially banking, and very few manufacturing industries, but they all depend on European supply chains, this is not good. 
  5. As jobs disappear and work dries up then the housing market will inevitably stall and crash because banks and financial institutions require you to have a permanent job, not a gig, in order to get mortgages. When mortgages are scarce, wages are dropping and jobs disappearing then demand dries up and prices fall. This would be good news for younger people wanting to get on the property ladder if solid jobs were available but refer to numbers 2,3 and 4 above. 
  6. It might be a good idea to sell that house in the UK before the crash happens so you can get your money out before it dips below the water level with negative equity. Anecdotally a friend's mother called them this week because their house sale in the south east of England had fallen through. Why? Well the buyer's employer is a French company and informed their staff that they were downsizing immediately due to Brexit. All the jobs in that company are moving to France. One week before completion isn't great. 
  7. And speaking of getting your money out, the only way whatever exporting industries remain in the UK can stay competitive after Brexit is by devaluation of the currency like that which happened after the financial crisis. This would offset new tariffs put in place under WTO rules to a certain extent so it is inevitable. Won't happen I hear you say? It happened after the financial crisis when the UK government effectively devalued the pound from 1.47 Euros to 1.06 Euros in three months. If you want to transfer some money into a Euro account talk with our Currency partner.
  8. You may want to take the money out therefore before this devaluation happens even though the pound is already devalued a lot. Don't pine for 1.47 euros. It isn't coming back any time soon. The pound was over 1.21 Euros on 23rd June 2016.  
  9. Inflation has already gone up to almost 3% without any new devaluation of the pound. Remember that all imports, if they can come into the country, become more expensive and all manufactured goods in the UK that use imported parts also become more expensive due to the weaker pound and the UK depends on imports (Not only for supply chains) This pushes up inflation even more.
  10. Property prices in Spain are currently rising too and have risen quite a lot in the last couple of years especially in the cities. You might want to get in before they rise even more while your pound is still worth a little more than it will be in a year or so as this means your exchange rate and final price is lower.
  11. If you move before Brexit day you may get inherited rights by being resident in Spain or the EU beforehand. You may not of course but the EU is looking to safeguard the rights of UK citizens in the EU27 resident prior to leaving day and national governments in the EU are giving reassurances. The UK government on the other hand is using EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU as bargaining chips. 
  12. The UK in general is becoming a more racist and unwelcoming clusterfeck of a place day by day, hostile environment for foreigners set up by the Home Office anyone? You will be getting an ultra right wing, burning your rights, government by default if nothing major happens within a year to change course. A supine and useless opposition in thrall to the "Dear Leader" also aiding a Hard Brexit doesn’t help despite over 70% of their voters voting against Brexit and more joining that number every day. 
  13. "F*ck Business" says the Foreign Secretary. By doing that they are also saying "F*ck your population". They don't welcome foreigners, they don't welcome business, they don't welcome anyone or anything as it threatens their inherited privileges. But don't worry too much, people and businesses who are not welcome won't come anyway.   
  14. You don't have to be surrounded by boneheads with their Brexit mantras; "Brexit means Brexit", "It's the will of the people", "I saw it in the Daily Mail so it must be true", "BLUE PASSPORTS!", and other almost Nobel worthy arguments. Luckily for us in Valencia we don't get that type of person coming to live here, you know racists, idiots and flat earthers! We get true internationalists, Europeans at heart despite being forced to accept those Black passports (Because that is the real colour of them), people who want to use their European passports to soak up European culture in a lovely city, with a fantastic climate and meet new friends every day. 
  15. You might not hear the words "Jacob Rhys Mogg" ever again if you come here. You can always hope can't you or you can just get ready to tug the forelock and bow. 
So, as usual we ask the question when are you coming to join us in Valencia? And, just one more thing, for two years I have been asking Brexit supporters for one advantage of leaving the EU, just one thing that isn't simply a Gammon-faced advocate shouting "Take back control". I'm still waiting for just one thing. I know hundreds of reasons why it is not a good idea. Please elucidate on those sunlit uplands you were promised by the liars and charlatans in  Looking forward to seeing you soon, unless you are a Brexiteer, then just stay where you are and enjoy all that lovely sovereignty, I'm sure you can take that to the bank. If you liked this then also read the following and take a look at our properties here. (Site currently being upgraded so giving errors)   [caption id="attachment_5088" align="aligncenter" width="750"]Let us find your Valencia Property Let us find your Valencia Property[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_5075" align="aligncenter" width="750"]The Long Hot Valencian Summer of 2018 The Long Hot Valencian Summer of 2018[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_5105" align="aligncenter" width="750"]What to Expect Buying Valencia Property in 2018 What to Expect Buying Valencia Property in 2018[/caption]
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