Getting A NIE Number For Spanish Property in 2018

It's not only a big deal as suggested in this piece to get your Spanish NIE number to buy Valencia Property, you cannot buy a property without having one of course, but there are also plenty of other things you cannot do and it can be a really annoying and time consuming quest to get one. We have written about this before on these pages and you will find videos talking about it on our Valencia Property YouTube Channel but things change over time and the process for getting your NIE number changes too of course. Today we are going to tell you about the current process and the best way of getting your NIE number in Valencia and even better, how to do it before you visit Valencia.  First though some basic information. NIE stands for Número de Identificación Extranjera (Foreigner ID number) It is in place in order to identify the person buying a Spanish property but you also need it for buying a car and as an ID, in conjunction with your passport, in many situations including for shopping, banking and many more. In other words you need it as they say in Spain, "Sí o sí" (Yes or yes).  Getting a NIE Number in Valencia  in 2018-19
Getting a NIE Number in Valencia in 2018-19

Where Can I Get A NIE Number?

There are two ways to get a NIE number when you want to buy a property in Valencia or Spain. The first you can do from home yourself and the second requires you to be here at least once. 

Applying for a NIE Number in your own country.

The first situation is in the Spanish consulate or embassy in your own country. For example, for those in the UK there is a Spanish Embassy in London at 39 Chesham Place or you could get in touch with any of the Consulates below Spanish Consulates In the UK
Spanish Consulates In the UK
The consulates only act as couriers effectively as they forward your application to the police in Spain who then return it to the consulate for you to pick up. Currently Edinburgh consulate, for example, states that the time that will elapse between application and reception of the NIE is around three weeks. You will also need to make an appointment at the Consulate to apply and this may take a few weeks depending on demand (And currently there is a very high demand). You will need to fill in the following forms to apply for your NIE number. The EX15 NIE number application form can be found here or you can find a NIE Number form with instructions in English of how to fill it out here. Form 790 for tax purposes for paying the tax for getting the NIE number is here You will need other documentation apart from the completed forms. You will need a private health insurance document or an EHIC if you are from the EU to show you won't be a burden on the state. You will also need your passport and a copy of it. Documents must have an official translation into Spanish unless they are official EU documents. If you are a non EU citizen then you will need to show other documents with official translations and prove you have funds to live here too along with a landing card, passport photos, Visa for coming into Spain and a few other things depending on which country you come in from, (Looking forward to this post Brexit Britons?) Generally, you need a reason for applying too. However, nowadays the police or consulates are not demanding the deposit contract for proof of the reason why you want the NIE number usually. You can also say you want it for opening a bank account, buying a car, renting a property etc... 

Getting a NIE number in Valencia.

In theory it is quicker to get the NIE number in Spain rather than through a consulate of course because the documentation is already here, it doesn't need to be sent from the consulate and returned. However the length of time it takes varies according to region and office. In Valencia currently the wait for an appointment can be up to six weeks. To make an appointment in Valencia go to this site. So, you make your appointment, book your flight and bring your paperwork and wait. Then once you are notified you come back, go to the office to pick it up, get given the payment to take to your bank, pay and then return again to pick up the NIE certificate. Time consuming isn't it! At least three visits over a period of weeks requiring you to be here twice and queue, meaning possibilities of flight delays, expensive next day flights and unseen problems coming up and you have to understand everything that is going on and make sure you have all the papers correctly filled in and copied in duplicate or triplicate etc etc etc... Of course, we have a better solution requiring only one visit, or even none, and you don't have to make an appointment yourself and appear on that day. Our better solution involves giving a lawyer a Power of Attorney to apply for the NIE number for you here in Valencia. The lawyer will have a set of dates already booked for getting the NIE number for many different clients and therefore they will generally have your appointment before the six week period. In order to do this you might need to appear here once and the lawyer will take you to a Notary to do the POA and also take a copy of your passport stamped by the Notary with "The Hague Seal" to take to the police station. You just give the lawyer the required details for filling in the EX15 form and let them get on with it. However, you can even do this without being here if you get the POA at a Spanish Notary's office in your home country, the lawyer will send you the wording of the POA, and get them to also do a certified copy of your passport with "The Hague Seal" and send both the POA and certified passport copy to the lawyer by courier. Remember, that without the Spanish NIE Number you cannot really do anything official here, you definitely cannot buy a property and many owners won't let somebody without a NIE rent a property either. And here's the rub, some agents are refusing to take out potential property buyers without the NIE number already with them or at least applied for because they are so busy they suspect you may be a time waster and their time will be better spent with somebody who already has their ducks in a row (Bank account, currency company organised, NIE number applied for or given. We can organise that for you by the way). If you make excuses for not getting it then it is likely that your treatment will be worse by the Estate Agents because they do not know if you are serious about buying property. You could be a holidaymaker fancying a free trip around the city or surroundings and the truth is that the properties you look at will not be available when you have the NIE number finally. They will invariably give preferential treatment to those who are able to buy than to those who may buy at some unspecified time in the future. Therefore, as you can see clearly, if you are thinking about buying Valencia Property or Spanish property in general, if you are thinking about coming to live in Spain and do anything official you will need your Spanish NIE number. Doesn't it make sense to get the process started?  Getting a NIE Number in Valencia in 2018-9
Getting a NIE Number in Valencia in 2018-9

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