Ten Reasons We Love La Eliana

If you are looking for a place to live within striking distance of Valencia but not in the city itself there are plenty of options within twenty minutes. We have already written in these pages about our love for Naquera and Olocau (And many other places) and today it's time to focus on La Eliana which can be considered as Valencia's commuter town par excellence but sort of without the negative connotations that the term "commuter town" has in other countries. La Eliana is 16km away from Valencia and it's even closer to the airport. You go straight down the CV35 motorway and in fifteen minutes you are in the city. Even during rush hour it will only take five minutes more usually. Equally you can go into the city on the metro, more of that later. The population of L'Eliana is 17760 and the town keeps growing slowly giving it a permanent population all year allowing shops and restaurants to remain open not just in the summer. In the summer, richer Valencians move out of the city and spend a couple of months living in La Eliana (And Ribarroja) and commute in and out of the city as required. This means the summer population peaks at around 20,000. Because of this tradition, there are many very large family houses in La Eliana, it's the closest thing you will find to suburbia around Valencia. Houses come up for sale when the families lose that tradition of spending weekends and summer in La Eliana because the children have fled the nest. What is it then that people like about the town of La Eliana? Let's take a look. [caption id="attachment_5304" align="aligncenter" width="750"]Ten Things We Love About La Eliana Ten Things We Love About La Eliana[/caption] Firstly, we really love the park in La Eliana. Semi tropical gardens, outdoor swimming pool and summer cinema, a social club with esplanade for cycling, skating or skateboarding, a great kids park and even a Japanese pagoda and pond. It's probably the best looking park in the local area and isn't really bettered by any I have seen before. It's also in the centre of the town so is enjoyed by everyone. The theme of the park is literature and the tiled seats you can see below name famous authors from all over the World. [caption id="attachment_5305" align="aligncenter" width="750"]La Eliana Park Seats La Eliana Park Seats (Hemingway never sat here)[/caption]
La Eliana also boasts, and boasts is the right word, a fantastic and really large sports centre. A multitude of sports are played there and every summer they have a mini Olympics where a majority the children in the town compete and enjoy in a festival atmosphere. There is a major tennis club, private sports clubs and a dedication to sports and outdoor living. 
La Eliana has a great selection of restaurants too. There are lots of different types of cuisine represented and you can find a great selection of Menus to suit all tastes and wallets. Many of them have excellent outside terraces too to enjoy watching the world go by.
Cafes and bars also predominate especially around the town hall square dominated by the main church and the town hall itself. The relief road opened just over a decade ago is now lined with bars and restaurants leading down to the market for the town. Whether you are looking for a cold beer or meeting up with friends to chat over a coffee, you can always find a great place to enjoy in La Eliana. [caption id="attachment_5307" align="aligncenter" width="750"]Italian Style Restaurant in La Eliana Italian Style Restaurant in La Eliana[/caption]
La Eliana also offers great value for money in apartments if you want to live among the cafes, shops, bars and restaurants of the centre. You can get a three bedroomed apartment in La Eliana for as little as 70,000 Euros requiring a little work and this fully modernised apartment at 110,000 Euros is right in the heart of the town. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Fully modernised apartment in La Eliana Fully modernised apartment in La Eliana[/caption] One of the main attractions for living in La Eliana though is not apartment living in the centre, it's the number of houses that are within walking distance of the town centre and metro line. Plot sizes tend to be large from 800m2 up except in the Montesol area where houses have been built on as little as 300m2 and the houses range from small three bedroomed one floor older properties all the way up to huge mansions set in lush gardens. One of the issues for people wanting to buy a house in the Valencia area is that they want it to be walking distance to the facilities such as bars, cafes, shops, medical attention etc... This is difficult to find in general as houses were built on estate outside the towns requiring a car at all times and the towns and villages tend to be more populated by apartments. La Eliana offers this type of living though and to a lesser extent you can find this in Naquera too.  Take a look at our La Eliana property page here and also make sure to take a look at Ribarroja here as many of the properties featured there really are closer to La Eliana than Ribarroja. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Large mansion in Ribarroja for 460,000 Euros. (Really it's closer to La Eliana) Large mansion in Ribarroja for 460,000 Euros. (Really it's closer to La Eliana)[/caption]
Another thing we really like as previously referred to is the fact that there is a metro line that cuts through the town connecting you up with Valencia in just over half an hour. There are also four stations in La Eliana meaning you are never too far from where you live. All of the stations you can park the car nearby for free and get on the metro too for those rare inclement weather days. A single ticket into Valencia costs around 3.80 Euros but most people get the Bono allowing them to get in and out of the city for under 2 Euros per journey.
One a more personal level another thing I love about La Eliana is Les Casetes. This is the older part of town of traditional one floor terraced properties with back patio. It's rare for one of these to come up for sale and unfortunately many have now been converted into two floor modernised places taking away a little of the charm of the four or five streets that make up the neighbourhood but as it was my first place to live in Valencia, we rented there for six months, I still have a particular soft spot for it. 
If it is shopping you are into then La Eliana has a great set of shops in the town itself, mostly independent with very few chains. If you are looking for a gift for somebody then you are sure to find something different. There is also a large Carrefour centre with loads of shops and restaurants in the El Osito shopping centre half of which is in La Eliana and the other half in La Pobla de Vallbona. You can more or less get everything there without going into the city. 
[caption id="attachment_5310" align="aligncenter" width="750"]Ten Things We Love About La Eliana Ten Things We Love About La Eliana[/caption]
Finally we love the proximity to the city and airport. The description of La Eliana as a commuter town does it a disservice really, it conjures up images of hordes of people jumping into their cars and joining a slow moving caravan of disgruntled business people practicing road rage for hours on end. That's not the case though.
We describe it as a commuter town because you can actually commute in and out of the city very easily without those traffic problems these days. Back in the day when the CV35 was a one lane road into the city then it could take over an hour in and out of the city on Monday mornings and Friday evenings and that is why La Eliana was a summer getaway for Valencia's wealthier families, it seemed a getaway from the city but you were just 16km inland. You seemed cut off from Valencia itself and if that was your aim then great. These days you fly into the city and out and therefore you could almost describe La Eliana as being on the outskirts. 
If we have whetted your appetite then let us know more about what you are looking for in a house in La Eliana via mail. Also if you have friends interested in La Eliana share this article with them. And if you liked this then take a look at some of our past articles by clicking on the images below. 
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